Fake – Mirror Sestet

The Mirror Sestet, created by Shelley A. Cephas, is a poem that can be written in one or more stanzas of 6 lines each. The specific guidelines for this form are as follows:

The first word of line 1 rhymes with the last word of line 1.
The first word of line 2 is the last word of line 1
and the last word of line 2 is the 1st word of line 1.

The first word of line 3 rhymes with the last word of line 3.
The first word of line 4 is the last word of line 3
and the last word of line 4 is the 1st word of line 3.

The first word of line 5 rhymes with the last word of line 5.
The first word of line 6 is the last word of line 5
and the last word of line 6 is the 1st word of line 5.

The Mirror Sestet can also be written in non-rhyme.
All rules must be followed except there is no 1st and last word rhyming.


fake is unreal and your life could be at stake
stake is an issue that needs to be challenged like fake
not genuine or counterfeit like the one you just bought
bought something because of peer pressure, hope not
it was always about pretending and never to admit
admit of concealing feelings or simply faking it

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Fake

My Fantasy – FFF23

You left and said goodbye
Don’t worry, you assured me
And leave a slice of pizza for me
But lo and behold, you’re stuck in an island
While I’m here, with my self – day and night
Going out of my mind, lost without you
Five objects I’m allowed to send you
A sharp knife so you can use it for cutting
A big box of matches to start a fire
A plastic sheath to keep you dry
A radio to keep you informed

And me, lovingly wrapped with a red bow!


For: ‘Pure Imagination’-FFF23

Joie de Vivre – SoCS April 4/15

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: use a word, anywhere in your post, that begins with the prefix “de-.” Extra points if your word ends with “ed”! It’s all about the fun – have some!

We were delighted to be invited by our French friends for a dinner. Well, actually, it was the rite de passage of their daughter, Camille to be held in a palais de danse. So we put our designer clothes with some eau de toilette and eau de cologne. The hotel de ville was in a cul-de-sac street so it was hard to find but we’ve managed it.

We knew our de rigeur and arrived on time, said hello to our friends and gave the present to the debutante. Camille was lovely in her pink crepe de chine gown. She was enjoying her joie de vivre and with her escort danced the pas de deux.

We greeted our friends and sat by our designated table with other guests. They gave us some vin de pays and later on eau de vie and crème de menthe liquors with langue de chat biscuits. The whole place has got this folie de grandeur atmosphere but we didn’t mind.

The chef came and presented his piece de resistance – roast lamb. His coup de grace with the knife was amazing. And of course, the debutane’s delicious birthday cake with 18 candles was there. For dessert, we had the delectable dulce de leche and crème de la crème, finished by crème de cacao liquor. What a great night to be de-stressed!


Feeling Fancy

You’re given unlimited funds to plan one day full of any and all luxuries you normally can’t afford. Tell us about your extravagant day with as much detail as possible.

Feeling Fancy

Feeling fancy for today, when money is no problem
What to do, what to do, hard to think of stuff

But again I declare the need for self-discovery
For I am no yam! Oh wow that’s really tough!

So stop and cool a Christmas cracker and ham
And pamper myself like crazy, putting feet up

The luxurious feel of freedom and extravagance
Searching for solace from this helter-skelter

Enjoying life as it is, wonderful and gorgeous!