Happy International Day of the Girl!

It is more than just girl power
It’s to make our future brighter
Global efforts and awareness
Education and freedom, that’s what we’re after

We can be whatever we want
To mother, sister, daughter, aunt
Ability to change the world
We can thrive coz we’re not simple tableau vivant

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Poetic Tuesdays – A Cause For Celebration by Walter J. Wojtanik in Poetics

Microfiction challenge #14: Spring


Crown of yellow buds
Pretty on her soft brown hair
But why the sadness?

Submerge in silence
Barefoot girl in grey skirt
Sitting on the grass

Such sorrow to watch
Previously naked branches
Now dotted with birds

Black birds tweeting
Saw her in solitary
Cheer up, they all sing

The nightingale sings
The first greening of the grass
Heralding of spring

Lazy wind pushes
Soft green grass, blue sky, white clouds
Blackbirds sing above

Stars of spring
Flower buds begin to peek
Hundreds of white blooms

Petals with silky hearts
Flutter down as gentle rain
Blossoms are here

Each one beautiful
Snowdrop, crocus, daffodils
Canvas of nature

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Microfiction challenge #14: Spring


The Girl in Plush Dress


the girl in plush dress
one can hear her laugh, bless
she wanders in the woods
enjoying her childhood
so benign and gentle
no need to bribe her to amble
shivering in the cold
she skips as she strolled
passing by the narrow turnstile
remembering to smile
in her ambisinister way
she might be taken as prey
she sees an ephemerid
down on the ground she skid
which made her itch
her lips twitched
back to her chamber
our little ambler

(c) ladyleemanila 2016


For: Photo Challenge #121 and Wordle #117 “July 11th, 2016”


Adventurous as she was, she walked further and further from her friends. They have agreed to hike the Black Forest and other places at the weekends. Looking at all the exotic plants and trees, she didn’t noticed she’s getting lost. And that she’s moving around going back and forth and the paths crisscrossed. By the time it was getting dark, she didn’t know what to do, how to get help. She bumped into something mossy and spooky, that’s when she uttered a yelp. Only silence in that eerie place, she’s imagining a lot of different scenario. Will she be killed by bears, will she die like a saint, this is what she foreknow. She waits; such tight corner she has entered and she doesn’t seem to get out. “Help! Can anybody hear me?” she wish for someone to help her find her route.


For: #Maydays Prompt – Paths


She’s Such a Beauty

Photo Shoot
Photo Shoot

The girl with polka dots frock
She loves the sound of jazz and rock
People were fascinated, she’s so lovely
They’re happy, she’s such a beauty
Dancing with the beat of her heart
She’s so friendly, a real sweetheart
Velvety soft, hair so bouncy
Sweet as a candy and so carefree
Like being on a roof of an atelier
Such a wow and look at her footgear
Like being hit by a bolt of lightning
Spring in her steps, swing is her thing
Like bees visiting flowers for pollen
She’s so stunning, she’s having fun
She doesn’t need to vociferate
She’s so gorgeous, what a date

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: #Maydays Prompt – Beauty is in the hand of the penholder


Best Friends


June and July are two very good friends
They’re cute and are like two godsends
June is always full of fun and adventure
A completely happy bunch of funster
July seems to be always wary of things
She thinks before she swings and flings
Together they’re just a bundle of laughs
They like to collect celeb’s autographs
Together they shop till they drop
Won’t stop them even with raindrop
Together they sing and dance
Always looking for romance
Together they meet boys and girls
Always a team as they twirl
Together they travel the world
And living in their dreamworld

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: #Maydays Prompt – Let’s hear it for the girls


Locked – Con-Verse

The Con-Verse, created by Connie Marcum Wong, consists of three or more 2-line rhyming stanzas (couplets). The meter of this form is in syllabic verse.

Rhyme scheme: aa,bb,cc,dd,ee
Meter: 7,7,8,8,9,9,10,10,11,11

(Syllabic verse only counts the number of syllables in a line.)

This form consists of three or more couplets which ascend by one syllable up to and until you reach a syllabic count of eleven which would contain ten lines.

This process may be repeated for a longer verse. If repeated, you must begin your first couplet with the syllabic count of seven again and continue from there.

Double lock safe for my bike
I don’t worry when I hike

Some secrets kept behind locked door
I’ve lost the key for the drawer

I saw a golden locked little girl
She smiled at me as she danced and twirled

(c) ladyleeemanila 2016

For: Locked

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 22 – Group

My People
by Carl Sandburg

MY people are gray,
pigeon gray, dawn gray, storm gray.
I call them beautiful,
and I wonder where they are going.

For: Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 22 – Group