Hands and Fingers – Serendipity Photo Prompt 2015-7


Him Indoors plays the piano well
I like to listen to him as he plays
Be it a Chopin or a Beethoven
He can make it sound very well
Like he’s always serenading me

He also has a green finger
A good gardener he is and he knows it
He plants seeds, mostly chillis and impatiens
Our garden full of dahlias, lavender, sweet peas
He doesn’t mind getting his fingers dirty and muddy

And as for me, I like typing my blog
I may not use all my fingers, just the two
But I can type fast and hope the words come
So I’m keeping my fingers crossed
That all’s well that ends well

I hold my mother’s hands
old and wrinkled, years of experience
they used to carress me when I’m upset
they used to wipe my tears and assure me
that everything will be alright
that she’s always there come what may