Help – Monchielle

The Monchielle is a poem that consists of four five-line stanzas where the first line repeats in each verse. Each line within the stanzas consist of six syllables, and lines three and five rhyme. The rhyme pattern is Abcdc Aefgf Ahiji Aklml.

The Monchielle form was created by Jim T. Henriksen.


Help! Everyone needs help
All we need is to ask
Somehow, someone will come
We tell them what was wrong
Or we can call our Mum

Help! Everyone needs help
Old man crossing the road
One asks for direction
A baby needs her feed
Cat on the tree, don’t run

Help! Everyone needs help
Like a drowning puppy
Poor dog, got to save him
Making his owner glad
It’s good that you can swim

Help! Everyone needs help
If we don’t act, who will?
It’s a pay forward thing
One can follow our lead
Think of the joy it brings

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Help

five minute friday :: alive


Have you ever been in a situation where you feel trapped?
Where you were abandoned by your company for the last three months?
Where you have no salary, no food in a remote island of China?
Where you and 21 others are sharing the same fate and no one seem to care?
Where your family – wife, children, parents, siblings are also affected?
Where all you need now is to be able to go home?

This situation is real, and is happening to my brother and his fellow seamen. Since December 2015, their company went bankrupt and basically left them there, in the island. They were not given any food, nor salary, nor exit visa. The crew is getting desperate and frustrated as the days pass by. They just would like to go home to their families. This morning they tried to escape to another island where the nearest Philippine Embassy is. But the immigration police caught them and were taken in detention for three hours, all 21 of them in a small room. Then they escorted them back to their ship. I hope the Philippine Government help them by giving them exit visa, then they can go home to their families.

For: five minute friday :: alive by Kate Motaung


20 Days of Chill: Can you hear me? (Day 15)


Adventurous as she was, she walked further and further from her friends. They have agreed to hike the Black Forest and other places at the weekends. Looking at all the exotic plants and trees, she didn’t noticed she’s getting lost. And that she’s moving around going back and forth and the paths crisscrossed. By the time it was getting dark, she didn’t know what to do, how to get help. She bumped into something mossy and spooky, that’s when she uttered a yelp. Only silence in that eerie place, she’s imagining a lot of different scenario. Will she be killed by bears, will she die like a saint, this is what she foreknow. She waits; such tight corner she has entered and she doesn’t seem to get out. “Help! Can anybody hear me?” she wish for someone to help her find her route.


For: 20 Days of Chill: Can you hear me? (Day 15)



snow drops pushing up
from the harsh and frozen ground
such a beauty

first light of the sun
fresh snow greeted us with joy
a blissful new year

snowflakes in winter
visibly irregular
symbol of Christmas
symmetrical ice crystals
scattering of light, pure joy




Help, help, is anybody out there?
Can’t feel anything, can’t go anywhere
Where am I and why am I under the snow?
Ah, the avalanche came like a nightmare
Quiet as an airflow, yearning for a bellow
Oh my sweetheart would be worried elsewhere
He’d do everything to get me out of here
The still beating heart of hope in his hand
And I won’t be able to return to my homeland
Some feeling of anticipation, if I keep still
They’ll look for me, I trust their goodwill
The whole life passes before my very eyes
I’ve done a lot and quite amusing memories
The shock of never rips through my heart
Burning on fire in the depths of my soul


“Let Skyfall, We will stand tall,” that’s the phrase that Adele has been singing that got stuck with me, repeatedly! Skyfall is one of my favourite movies. We’ve just been watching it recently, during the holidays and I love it.

Let sky fall
We will stand tall
James Bond was shot
“M” ordered the shot
He had to go back
Computer was hacked
“M” was the target
Skyfall was not a hut
Silva arrived by helicopter
A lot of action and anger
Silva forced his gun on “M”
Bond killed Silva, was a gem


For: Just Jot It January 9th – Title #SoCS and #SoCS Jan. 9/16 “title”

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Shell of Myself – Weekly Challenge 21


I am a shell
Leaving a fragrance
Great days long dead

Russian Boy with Bear by Unknown
Russian Boy with Bear by Unknown

I am a shell of my former self
My life’s like an empty bookshelf
I used to be happy, great days long dead
My spirit’s broke, my heart’s bled
Leaving a fragrance of hope, emitting despair
Need to plead, help might come from somewhere
Pillow-fighting with my bear, hurting my pelvis
Makes me careless, sees the world as cruelness
What is the essence of living if I’m unhappy?
Perhaps miracle happens to set myself free
Vandalism of stuff, crying for help
Give me a hug as I utter some yelp