Writing 101, Day 8: Graffiti

I’m a lion, hear me roar
No prospects, life is a bore
A knight in shining armour on a horse
I’m shouting, my voice is hoarse
A dinosaur, a steeple church
I long for something to search
A street scene with all the girls
They’re so pretty with their curls
A grey train passing a grey house
Don’t give in to pressure from spouse
It was a grey day, too I suppose
The dog barks as the cow mows
I’m Taufkirchen in big letters
My speech was beginning to slur
I live and breathe in this city
I love my town, I’m making it pretty
Children playing amidst our tower blocks
Girls with their smocks and frocks
I can shout as loud as I can
I can express myself until they ban
I can tell the world how I feel
I don’t steal so don’t squeal

High Art Remix: Sistine Chapel Ceiling


I’ve used the central part of the painting by Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel Ceiling Adam and God. It’s when their fingers are about to touch. In my version, the “Dad” is giving a credit card to the “Child” or “Student”, from the “Bank of Mum & Dad”. What have I learned from completing this activity? That it’s tough thinking about parodies of famous art work. I’ve searched and searched and my first ideas were done before, like I was about to put some fast food boxes on the table of “The Last Supper” or I was about to sit “The Thinker” on the toilet bowl – somebody had thought about these parodies. So I’ve settled for this “Bank of Mum & Dad” version thinking about our son who’s studying in one of the prestigious universities in the UK. Although we’re so proud of him, it’s quite expensive to do so. But we don’t mind, really. Anyway, I hope this parody works.