Magic – Photo Challenge

Like Some Old fashioned Miracle
by Emily Dickinson

Like Some Old fashioned Miracle
When Summertime is done —
Seems Summer’s Recollection
And the Affairs of June

As infinite Tradition
As Cinderella’s Bays —
Or Little John — of Lincoln Green —
Or Blue Beard’s Galleries —

Her Bees have a fictitious Hum —
Her Blossoms, like a Dream —
Elate us — till we almost weep —
So plausible — they seem —

Her Memories like Strains — Review —
When Orchestra is dumb —
The Violin in Baize replaced —
And Ear — and Heaven — numb —

For: Magic

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Prince Eugene and Princess Louise


There was once a Princess named Louise
Who loved her garden with its flowers and trees
One day she sat by the pond
Saw a frog who was far beyond
Gave a kiss to a frog who was immediately free

He was called Prince Eugene who was bewitched
Fell in love with the Princess when he was switch
They got married and lived in the castle
After the honeymoon he found life to be dull
All the meetings, problems, duties, such a glitch

He went back to the witch and asked her to turn him back
Life in the castle is tedious and he didn’t mind getting sack
He said goodbye to the Princess
Sorry but please don’t make a fuss
He’s used to life in his pond and he’s not making a comeback

For: Tale Weaver#49 – Fairy Tale Prompt

Limerick Challenge Week 3: Magic


There was once a girl named Sabrina
With her dog and they danced cha-cha
She’s also a witch
Sometimes with a glitch
It’s tough learning magic tricks, huh

Abracadabra, I wish for you to be with me here
Fly with the stars, come back and wipe my tear
Waiting for you until the sun goes down
The date, at least to me, is yet unknown
Forget the rest, stay with me and give me cheer

One, two, three and he’s gone
Broke my heart, he’s such a con
With my magic
Head with a brick
Served him right, he’s now bygone

(c) ladyleemanila 2016


For: Limerick Challenge Week 3: Magic

Something Magical


If I’ve got skills, which one would it be?
Whatever it is, I want to have the key
Would it be powerful, magical or useful?
Never a dull moment and certainly not null

Like a frog croaking in tune with its action
Once it’s done, I could lie in the sun
While still yet there is no end to troubles
Depends on what I get from such angles

On and on my neighbour loudly rapping
With the lady next door, he’s got a fling
His thin grin drips like a streak down his chin
He was nowhere to be seen, to my chagrin

I can speak a lot of languages, Chinese, French
And sometimes can stay forever on a bench
German, Russian, as easy as laying on the beach
Round a bend at speed a van has just screeched

I can preach and teach a lot of people to outreach
I hope I don’t bore them with my speech
I can cook something magical; you’d love me for it
And with more practice I know I can’t be a twit

But I truly would like to be able to write really well
Put the magic spell, I can be a belle and I can yell
To take my readers to my world of make-believe, a utopia
Reaching my alpha and omega with the help of Buddha

That magical place where all their troubles are forgotten
I can only hope so and there’s no need to bargain
An action-packed full of adventure, wit, humour, all in one!
I’ve spun around hoping to make it and all the time having fun!

For: Writing 101, Day 1: Magic


Abracadabra, I wish for you to be here
Fly with the stars and whatever’s there
I believe in magic and all its glory and form
And combed my hair in prospect of the storm
Wand in my hand, you can play in a band
Symbols, mantras and spells, I use as I stand.

Out west is where I went, alone in my escape
If not, I comfort myself with a seedless grape
Waiting for you until the sun goes down
The date, at least to me, is yet unknown
The baying was so many miles away
Yellow as the sun and bright as the day.