five minute friday :: journey


She came second, but acted like the first
She needn’t say a word, now she’s well-versed
Quiet and always with a book, while the siblings dance
They’ve done the lot, but she maintained her resistance
They have a happy childhood, with hundreds of cousins
They played, they swam, they partied and other actions
She got her degree in Chemistry with a loyalty medal
She went to Europe and saw her first snow and castle
There she met someone in the lab and romance bloomed
Six months in the lab and the relationship mushroomed
But got separated because both want to experience more
Then they came back and decided it was forevermore
A son was born and the three played house with a garden
Everything revolved around the son, which was part of a bargain
Until the time came, when the son left and emptied the nest
The couple couldn’t complain, they were happy and blessed
Now back to being two, they’re enjoying being SKIers
Spending Kids Inheritance, by going to different places
Experiencing life to the full while they still can
Ticking their Bucket List in their life span


For: five minute friday :: journey

Why do I write?


Why do I write, is the question
I guess I just do it for fun
To test myself how I can run
Lots of action, lots of action

Expressing my thoughts and musing
Conveying, asking and babbling
And checking out what I can bring
It’s a great world, it’s a great world*

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

* The monotetra is a new poetic form developed by Michael Walker. Each stanza contains four lines in monorhyme. Each line is in tetrameter (four metrical feet) for a total of eight syllables. What makes the monotetra so powerful as a poetic form, is that the last line contains two metrical feet, repeated. It can have as few as one or two stanzas, or as many as desired.

Stanza Structure:

Line 1: 8 syllables; A1
Line 2: 8 syllables; A2
Line 3: 8 syllables; A3
Line 4: 4 syllables, repeated; A4, A4

For: What use do you put your writing to?


Poetry Prompts Day 11 – OctPoWriMo 2016 – Lively

L – Ladyleemanila, that’s me alright
A – always lively, full of fun
D – determined, get what I want
Y – young once, but hey, age is just a number
L – love reading, blogging, cooking and travelling
E – energetic, swimming, zip-lining, zumba
E – enthusiastic, get excited most of the time
M – Mum to HRH the son who’s now married
A – adventurous, left home at 23 and been everywhere
N – nothing dissuades me when I want something
I – I love life, with Him Indoors of course
L – lady of leisure, my job is my hobby
A – and happy to be here, counting my blessing

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Poetry Prompts Day 11 – OctPoWriMo 2016


Weekly Writing Challenge – Who are you?

who am I and do I like who I am? I am me
don’t change me as I like who I have become
I’m full of glee and I’m always free

I’m easy to pleased and you can be my chum
I don’t want to change anything as I’m grateful
With Him Indoors, the son, his bride and my mum

I love challenges and I do what I’m able
Very positive in outlook, got lots of plans
Counting my blessing, my life’s blissful

Yes, I’m happy to be me in this world
As I swirled, twirled and whirled*

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

* A Terza Rima is a poem with an eleven syllable count in each line and a rhyming scheme of aba, bcb, cdc, dd.

For: Weekly Writing Challenge – Who are you?


20 Days of Chill: Who are you? (Day 1)


Me, myself, I
Passion through poetry and fiction
Glad I could do what I’ve chosen
Passion in doing everything fully
To swim and snorkel in the sea
Passion in learning new things
Life is full of swings and zings
Passion in teaching English
Don’t worry, I’m also British
Passion in meeting friends
Being me, don’t do pretends
Passion in shopping till I drop
I like my top, don’t do swap
Passion in ringing my Mom
Like giving myself a balm
Passion in skyping the son
Telling his pun, it’s quite fun
Passion with cycling with Him
Sometimes going to the gym
Passion in seeing the world
Kaleidoscope as it whirled
Passion in experiencing life
I think I’m a good housewife
Passion with different culture
Eyes not covered with a blinker
I think I’m living my passion
I always feel that I have won
I’m grateful to this brilliant world
Such dazzling and wonderful world


For: 20 Days of Chill: Who are you? (Day 1)