Sandbox Writing Challenge #56 — You and Mystery

Where in your life have you experienced true mystery?


Time is wonderful. It helps us ease our pain, some bad memories and our heartache. They are still there, but as the days pass by, the sensation dulls. It’s nature’s way of dealing with them and let us continue with our day to day activities, without mourning. When my father passed away, it was like the world has ended. It made me feel vulnerable and has come face to face with my own mortality. That we all go in the end, no matter what age, how healthy or active we are, whatever our lifestyle. It also made me change my attitude, my belief, my priorities and my way of life. I live each day like it’s the last day on earth. I love with passion, give generously to people who needs them, as well as my time to people that matters, sort my priorities and enjoy life and what it offers.

Life carries on
Live each day like a last day
Love with passion


Not knowing what’s coming next is the story of my life
I like surprises and will usually go with the flow
Of what’s happening with the world, and where it could
Take me and my fancy little me, life’s always a dream
I always find myself with variation of things I do
I’ve got lots of books all over the house, reading them
All at the same time, sometimes got confused with stories
Of the protagonist and the antagonist from one to another
I’ve also got lots of projects in my head, making a detour
From one to another, more of branching out or off
Life is a flow, a simultaneous progression and digression
It’s what makes me – me; like a ball rolling around
Going where the wind takes me, jack of all trades
Master of none, that’s also how I can describe myself
I don’t really conform to what was prescribed, I’m me
I’m rambling now, I know, please say stop before I drift
To a land of make-belief, to my fairy tale place
The mystery island where everything is possible
The novelty of all makes it interesting for me
I can wander for days on end and will carry on
With a knot on my tummy for not saying naught
I’ll let you know what comes at the end of my trip
And so I bid you all farewell and enjoy your week

“Decompose” by zaldy icaonapo
Decompose” by zaldy icaonapo

That photo has been in the water
At first it was such a blur
Poor thing, it’s not submersible
Got no idea, good to be baffled

Been immersed in a large bed of kelp
I don’t think I need some help
Luckily I was able to save it
Didn’t even ruin my outfit

In the middle of it being mutilated
Tried hard to get it out of the mud
Could have migrated somewhere far
Could have been so bizarre

I looked at it in my nonchalant way
At first it was all grey
My God, such a beautiful face
So charming, so full of grace

The melanin still visible, tanned
You could be a model of a famous brand
In this plexus of society, you’re an enigma
God knows how long you’ve been in an aqua

And together with the nickel that I’ve found
I need to find out all the background
In this phase of my life where I’m confused
In my ungainly way, I found some focus
Something to ponder, to solve a mystery

For: Sandbox Writing Challenge #56 — You and Mystery

In Search of Atlantis


Atlantis, where would you be?
Just jiggle if you can hear me
My Uncle Beau has feet of a sow
I’ve always dreamt of milking the cow

Atlantis, how could you be so elusive?
I find that numbers are an easy alternative
Transferred to the dreams of the unaffected
For in black the Madonna was highlighted

Atlantis, am I seeing what I’m seeing?
All the spirits have began humming
The snow leopard will soon be back
All horses running on racetrack

Atlantis, are you here to stay?
It was Grendel that Beowulf did slay
And you find yourself at the bottom of the lake
I’m familiar with that! For goodness sake

Atlantis, how wonderful can you be?
And perhaps spin into how you must be
Nonstop raids on my liveliness and mind
I have fallen into the perplexity of my mind

For: #Maydays Prompt – Fairytale Fun


Skeleton in a Shed


Trevor is an unobtrusive person. He lacks the ease and relaxation that a non-shy person may naturally have, causing him to come across as weird and awkward. He tends to keep himself to himself. He’s not well-dressed and doesn’t want to draw attention to himself. He’s also a dropout medical student and still lives with his parents. But before he abandoned his studies, he took home a skeleton for reasons nobody knew aside from him and put it in the shed. One day a neighbour was walking his dog at the back of Trevor’s house and saw the skeleton. The neighbour was frightened and called the police. The police came and arrested Trevor for stealing a university hospital’s skeleton.

For: #Maydays Prompt – Skeletons in the Closet


In The Shadow

– Kavan Cardoza

In the shadow of the night
It may seem obvious and trite
As I await for you
Anticipation grew
The sound of vinyl record
Making me soared
Like a mosaic gateway to your world
With my hair all curled
I hallucinate and have irrational thoughts
Have a lot of afterthoughts
Of passionless love scalding my being
Full of inadequate flings
Of mud-covered carcass of dead animals
With their guts and skulls
Of the crowd suffocating me
I just would like to flee
Knowing I prefer Isolophilia
I’m not to be betrayed
And then you sneaked quietly
I’ve counted to three
Covered my eyes with your hands
Like walking on sands
The waiting was over
There you are, my captor

(c) ladyleemanila 2016


For: Photo Challenge #106 and Wordle #103 “March 28, 2016”

A Red Phantom Bus


In the middle of the night
On a full moon, wolves howling
It always gives me a fright
A strange noise beeping

Water dripping, smoke in the air
I count to three and there it is
So eerily quiet in the square
It makes the snake hiss

A red phantom bus
Driving on a crooked road
Definitely red even in blackness
A double decker one with code

Leading to some sort of light
Some pebbles on the street
Oh what a sight
Some more seat

In God’s name, is it real?
Words fail to come
I have to mull
I need a rum

Where will it go? I have to find out
I put my thumb up, it stops
I’m in the red phantom bus
But to where?

(c) ladyleemanila 2016


For: Sunday Photo Fiction – March 27th 2016 and Wordle 244 Mar 27 by Brenda Warren

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5 Photos, 5 Stories Challenge, Day 5 and Wordle 201


It was a gloomy and going against nature night
That reverberated with sadness through the veins
The barman looked at somewhat empty tables
Or ones with names engraved on granite tables
People had fear of the imminent ghosts
As they listened to the howl of the gale
Their lives a concerto of pseudo-symphonic
And as they all sat round in circles
The ceremony of innocence was drowned
When the weight of the flesh was kept within
Wiped its entrails across the floors
Gave up the fight, closed its doors



Welcome to Five Days Challenge. To participate in the Five Days Challenge, we are asked to post five photos, one per day for five days, and write five stories, one for each day. We are to nominate a person each day that we post. Hope you accept to join the fun! Today, I nominate Brenda Warren This challenge is not mandatory and can be refused. Have a nice day everyone.