five minute friday :: park


A place of natural wonders
As we ambled along the park
Where shorebirds fly and sing
Frogs and newts jump in the pond
The fish spawn among the plants
Bicycling through the distance
Lavenders, roses and their fragrance
As the wind brushes the leaves
Lovers have a tiff and they’re peeve
Sand dunes for miles and miles
Great to have lovely lifestyles
Wooden cabins in the vicinity
And they have a nice pot of tea

For: five minute friday :: park by Kate

Why Am I Here? – Six Sentence Stories “park”


Masses of people converged in the park and waited for the entertainment to go on.
I covered myself with some sort of white paint and dyed my hair peroxide white.
I wore my wedding gown and positioned myself in one corner of the park.
Nobody was in a hurry and that cheeky child just prodded me with a stick, urging me to react.
I was now surrounded by a crowd and they were putting some coins in a hat in front of my stand.
The next thing I know, I’m yawning to myself, and burrowing my covers, rubbing my eyes as I slowly awaken.