A Month of Mini Writing Challenges

Day 9 – Write a haiku inspired by the theme “night”.

Soft whisper of wind
Light of the silvery moon
Children fast asleep

Crickets chirp, owls hoot
Angels sing halleluiah
Total darkness

Day 11 – Write a story set in a forest in 100 words or less.

Adventurous as she was, she walked further and further from her friends.
Looking at all the exotic plants and trees, she didn’t noticed she’s getting lost.
And that she’s moving around going back and forth and the paths crisscrossed.
By the time it was getting dark, she didn’t know what to do, how to get help.
She bumped into something mossy and spooky, that’s when she uttered a yelp.
Only silence in that eerie place, she’s imagining a lot of different scenario.
She waits; such tight corner she has entered and she doesn’t seem to get out.

Day 13 – The prompt is “space”. The format and length are your choice.


Leave me alone, I need my space
I don’t want to hear any gossip
As I walk around the room with grace
Don’t want to be the cause of any breakup
Especially sour grapes and anything bad
Keep your secret to yourself or write a poem
Don’t want to add anything to my keypad
I’m sure your poem will be awesome
In a fiction of course, no one knows it’s you
Alarming as it sounds, I’m not thirsty for it
It’s tough how those words could be construed
Let alone if they’re written in Sanskrit
I’m having a long bath, with loofah and razors
To contemplate on what I really like in my life
Hoping some of my questions will have answers
Like about the universe and is there an afterlife?
Storm comes and goes, then calmness will come
Peace at last, I say and speak to myself in sigh
Now I can do anything like wriggle my thumb
Give me my space, I want my life to simplify

Day 16 – Write a poem on the theme of “reflections”. Any length.


golden pond
water lilies, frogs, turtles
living happily

living happily
water lily in my hair
see my reflection

see my reflection
enjoying the gorgeous day
sitting by the pond


holding their hands by their knees
evening at a house

peaceful evening and some wine
reminiscing bygone days

candlelite dinner
hold hands under the table
her eyes are sparkling

crickets chirping by the trees
soft breeze whistling in the night

full moon reflection
lovers walk by the sea
man gave her his coat

they promise to love each one
kiss by the light of the moon

grandad telling jokes
everyone’s eager to hear
laughing our hearts out

granny’s apple cake all gone
now having nice cups of tea

For: “A Month of Mini Writing Challenges“, Taboo Words, days 7, 8, 9 (he, with, on)

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Mirror – Photo Challenge

reflection (2)


For: Mirror

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Thursday Photo Prompt – reflection #writephoto

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “The Poet As Hero” by Siegfried Sassoon: scornful, harsh, old, silly, cry, serene, infant, dreams, senseless, smite, absolution, songs

A harsh reality dwells in this well
And with his sword he smites the water
Such senseless act, perhaps silly, one can tell
An absolution he requires for his errs
An old song, a serene cry for what befell
And with a scornful fleeting look, he stirs
What happens to this man and his reflection?
An ashen figure for what he has done*

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

*A Ottava Rima is a poem written in 8-line octives. Each line is of a 10 or 11 syllable count in the following rhyme: one octive poem. abababcc


For: Thursday Photo Prompt – reflection #writephoto Posted on September 1, 2016 by Sue Vincent and Whirligig 74 by Magical Mystical Teacher


#WQWWC – Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – Memories

M – memories are special moments that tell our story
E – every laughter and pain are part of me
M – memories never die
O – one song, thousand memories
R – regret nothing for they made me who I am today
I – I still remember the first day I met you
E – every second counts, live it
S – sometimes you miss the memories, not the person

For: #WQWWC – Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – Memories