Shadow of the Past


As I was preening my garden
I saw a shadow of the past
Was that really you, my Dad?
I couldn’t believe I’d see you
Here, of all places, my garden
Lots of things I’d tell you
But then you probably knew
You were watching over us
Still my rock when I’m sad
Comforting me I’m sure
I remembered your kare-kare
Only you could cook that best
Or the sausages with onions
I just cooked it yesterday
I know you’d approved
And of course, the wedding
HRH the son and his beautiful K
Next month they’ll be wed
Mum, sis, bro, cousins and all
Coming from different places
All coming to celebrate
Looking forward to it
I know you’ll be there, too
In spirit and with your blessing
I still miss you, your calls
Your advice, your cooking
Your generosity, your voice
Wish you were still with us

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Sunday Photo Fiction – April 3rd 2016