Show Your World – A Paradise in Coron, Palawan

Hello. We’ve just got back from our holiday and one of the places we stayed was in the island of Coron, Palawan, Philippines. It was beautiful! Club Paradise Resort is on a secluded island about 60 minutes from the airport by land and sea. Once on the island, we were on a beautiful tropical paradise with a nice sandy beach and simple but clean facilities. The beachfront cottages have gorgeous views of the ocean. Snorkelling was fun and exciting! House reef was fantastic. Sea water was crystalline and very clear. Saw a school of fish, barracuda, angel fish, sting rays, jelly fish, small shark, and fish of different species and colours. We basically snorkelled most of the time that we were there. It was just amazing! We also enjoyed hiking up the Eagle’s Point and nature watching, like watching for the monitor lizard to pass by or the bats flying, not to forget the beautiful sunset outside our cottage.

For: Show Your World: Lomonosov Moscow State University. Also for: old woods… and Skywatch Friday – 2016 March 03 Edition

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The Pole Dancer – Music Friday #25: “Walk on the Wild Side” by Lou Reed


She’s the star of the night and everyone’s waiting for her dance. Her pole dancing was slated for the grand finale, to everyone’s delight. The way she’s driven everyone to longing was phenomenal. Every client could almost feel her warmth as he imagine her leaning against his body, her tantalising frame meshing with his impeccably, and his heart beating with hers – in time. And as for her, she doesn’t think, her body became the instrument of fiery passion, giving the key to each man’s obsession. She imagines that there was no one in that room, she’s in her own zone and doesn’t mesh with the world around her.


For: Music Friday #25 and wordle 118 by brenda warren