Solitude – Trinet

The Trinet, created by zion, is a form with these specifications:

Line 1 – 2 words
Line 2 – 2 words
Line 3 – 6 words
Line 4 – 6 words
Line 5 – 2 words
Line 6 – 2 words
Line 7 – 2 words

Repeat this pattern 2 more times, if centered correctly it looks like three crosses.


quite alone
in solitude
savoured few hours of being free
peace and quiet, slab of loneliness
in desolation
love misery
so distant

uninhabited place
undisturbed area
the back of beyond, no-man’s land
in the middle of nowhere, desert
the boondocks
unspoilt area
rural area

I’m alone
by myself
I quite like to be free
freedom to do what I like
when ever
where ever
what ever

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Solitude

My Histrionic Speech

Cellblock by Steve Snodgrass CC BY 2.0

Light in darkness. Bars intact. Escape from hell or bringing it back?

It’s my downfall in this tenebrous lock
I bide my time in my iron cell
adapting to my new domain
I’m paying for the toxicity that I’ve made
swarming me with guilt
I deserve to faint in this humidity
and sorry for my histrionic speech
I just want to repent and
hopefully one day can get out of here


For: Photo Challenge # 96: January 19, 2016 and Wordle #94

Carpe Diem Special #191 A Trip Along Memory Lane #2 Soliloquy no Renga


at the seashore
wind of summer through my hair
the shortest night

© Chèvrefeuille

water moved softly round my toes
sultry air caressing me

wispy clouds across
boats rise and fall in the lock
lazy hazy day

sea lay without a ripple
cupped my hands and drank water

drips falling from lips
ah, the sweet taste of heaven
cool and refreshing

rough winds shake the darling buds
more lovely and temperate

palm trees swaying
clouds scudding across the sky
heaven knows why

have picnics by the seabed
open sunlit grass, cloudless

splashing with the waves
friends waiting for the sunset
the joy of summer

light of the silvery moon
never ending stories

all through the night
singing and dancing with joy
tired and sleepy

birds flying as dawn breaks
memories on shortest night

(c) ladyleemanila 2016


For: Carpe Diem Special #191