Odd Allergies – Writing Prompt #92 – Unsuitable Employment


Have you ever heard of an athlete, say a world class jumper, who’s allergic to sand? Or golfers and footballers who are allergic to grass? How about a cyclist who’s allergic to the sun? Yes, they all exist and they all have some odd allergies that are not suitable to their chosen career or profession.

But what can they do? They try to make their lives easier by doing some practical things for the said allergies. The high jumper didn’t know she was allergic to the sand until she was already good with what she’s doing and just realised it when her legs were covered with large angry blotches and rashes. Nowadays she takes some tablets against the allergy and gets out of the sand as fast as she can, faster than when she high jumps to it. She just puts up with it. The golfers and footballers who are allergic to grass, I believe they usually wear tracksuit bottoms during games to minimise the effect. And the cyclist, who’s allergic to the sun, wears a helmet, takes some medicine against the allergy and carries on riding his bike.

These athletes are rather determined to carry on with their chosen career and profession even though they have odd allergies. They don’t get in the way of their performances, just a little bit of inconvenience, they just have to take some action and put up with them. Brave athletes, good luck and I salute you!