Last Night – Objects in a Box (#4? 5?)


Just had our chicken and mushroom pie and that was lovely. Him Indoors went upstairs to watch Big Bang Theory and I went to the study to finish a poem that I was working on before dinner. After that, I went upstairs to watch telly with Him. I took the large throw blanket from the couch and made myself cosy and warm. The reclining armchair was really comfortable. Him Indoors was lying down the other couch. We shared a nice bottle of Chablis while watching Sheldon and his mates. I’ve seen that episode, so I wasn’t really concentrating. My eyes wandered around the room and I noticed a small decorative box which I’ve done in one of the hundred courses that I took. It was a paper mache one with colourful flowers. Some board games we played when the son was here were still on the table, the Monopoly money still stacked. I also found a packet of seeds which Him ordered for next year’s planting. I guess more chillies, the hotter the better for Him. After some time, I needed the car muffler as I couldn’t hear what Sheldon and Leonard were saying anymore. Him Indoors was snoring away, typical at this time of the night, so I came prepared. The emotion that night? Cosy, typical night in our house and feeling warm.

For: Objects in a Box (#4? 5?)


Yugto ng Buhay

Walang mga bituin sa gabi
Akala ko ikaw ay aking kabalyero
Walang masuyong humahalik sa aking pisngi
Puro lang mga kritika
Walang paglalakad sa hapon
Kahit man lang sa space lumakad
Walang mga bulaklak sa hardin
Gusto ko lang tumakbo
Ilan lang sa mga yugto ko sa aking buhay
Maraming yugto ng mga pagtatalo,
Walang kabilugan ng buwan upang panoorin
Puro lamang ang iyong segundometro
Walang magandang bote ng alak
Namimiss ko ang ating pagkain sa labas
Pakikipag-usap tungkol sa mga bagay
Karaniwang sa mga tao sa mundo
Walang halik kapag dumating ako sa bahay
Paalam, paalam !
Walang nagnanakaw ng aking pritong patatas
Pinapa-iyak mo ako
Ang ating pag-aaway ‘
Kailangan ko ang aking panyo
Nakapagbitaw tayo ng mga bagay na hindi dapat
Para sa aking pagkakasala kailangan ko ng pampalubag
Alam naman natin na ito ay masama
Ano pa ang maaari kong idagdag?
Ngunit natutunan natin ang ating mga aralin
Parola o lakas natin ang isat-isa
Oras na para sa muling pagkakasundo
At tangkilikin ang araw


No stars in the night
I thought you were my knight
No breeze to caress my cheeks
Just some awful critiques
No afternoon walks
Not doing any spacewalk
No flowers in the garden
I just want to run
Just some chapters in my life
Quite a lot of strifes
No full moon to watch
Just your stopwatch
No nice bottle of wine
I miss our fine dine
Talking about things
Typical of earthlings
No kisses when I come home
Shalom, shalom!
No one stealing my fries
You make me cry
No more lovers’ tiff
I need my kerchief
We said things we shouldn’t have
For my guilt I need a salve
We knew it was bad
What else can I add?
But we have learned our lessons
We are each other’s beacon
Time for reconciliation
And enjoy the sun

(c) ladyleemanila 2016



Thomas was so unlike Jessica in all aspects – his eyes narrowed to crinkled slits to her big brown eyes; his bushy eyebrows merging into one and sometimes his eyes crossed in exasperation because of his long eye lashes to her “pretty as a picture” face; his being so mischievous that he was punished on his first day of school for biting a boy’s ear to her quietness. She never really needed to talk because he’s always there, telling them he wants an ice-cream and can they give one to her, too? And while he easily mocked and taunted the others, he seemed to be afraid of making fun of her especially when her big brown eyes gave him a “don’t you dare” look. Their being dissimilar cannot keep them apart. They were the best of friends. Where one went, the other one followed. She whispered to him the answer when the teacher asked him something and he didn’t have a clue of what it was about. He illustrated 2 sketches because she could not draw. She shared her sandwich with him and they ate it together with their drinks. And he walked her home every single day, even though his house was on the opposite side of town.

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Six on the Sixth Prompt – Jan 2016

Wrong – She shouldn’t have gone with him.

Cap – Our son has always worn caps.

Splendid – Seeing tigers in the wild – brilliant!

Cantankerous – Such a cantankerous fellow at times!

Torn – She sighed and tore his letter.

Unfurl – Boat went, the sail was unfurled.


For: Six on the Sixth Prompt – Jan 2016 By Adam Ickes


Sankt Nikolaus


The 6th of December and Ben (8) and Clara (6) were waiting for Sankt Nikolaus to come to their house. There were also 6 children from their neighbourhood. They were promised that Sankt Nikolaus with his angel were coming to give them presents. They were all excited. Ben and Clara’s mother, Sabine had booked a “Sankt Nikolaus and an angel” to make her children and their friends happy. She paid 200 euros for a half an hour appearance and giving of gifts. She also prepared some Christmas cookies which they had baked on the first of December. The first candle for Advent had also been lit.

There was a knock on their door. The children couldn’t contain their excitement. The angel entered first – wearing a cheap paper-made wings, white blouse and black pair of jeans and black trainers. Surely, angels don’t come like this! The children were expecting a serene all-white angel with proper wings, curly hair and beautiful face, instead of this pouting teen-ager. Then, they heard a “ho, ho, ho” from “Sankt Nikolaus” – a thin Sankt Nikolaus, not wearing a red bishop costume and his headgear, but instead a cheap version of Santa Claus outfit. Again, the children were disappointed. Surely, Sankt Nikolaus doesn’t look like this!

For: Sunday Photo Fiction – December 20th 2015

Which One?

This week’s photo prompt is provided by, Sonya, with the blog, Only 100 Words. Thank you Sonya!

“Come on girls, line up, they’re here again.” Mother Peahen calls her girls.

“Let me see, wow, two of them this time, “that’s Pavia, one of the older peahens, desperate for a partner. “Oh, I know him – he’s Pablo, the big white dude. He’s been strutting his stuff for everyone to see.”

“Oh my, he’s cute!” says little Pamel. “If you don’t fancy him, Pavia, can I have him?”

“You can go for that old chap over there, Mister Plims, he has made a lot of other peahens happy, and so they say,” interrupts Mainey, the baby of the lot.

“Well, I say, not bad at all, I think I’ll go for Mister Plims,” decided Pavia.

“That’s settled then, I’ll have my macho peacock Pablo!” and they’re happy with their decision.

For: Priceless Joy’s FFfAW


Our Storyteller

Spinning Yarns

I knew a good storyteller, Tia Carol!
When she was still with us, bless her soul
She’d tell you stories of the past
When they were young, what they did
Where they went, who said what?
Word for word, we’d hear what they said
With an exercise in throng anecdote
Children and grandchildren circled around
Listening to her, telling her tales
She never got tired, she never got edgy
There was always a request for another story.