Blue Jeans by APO Hiking Society


One of my favourite groups, the APO Hiking Society and their song, “Blue Jeans” reminded me of our college days and the struggle we have endured just to earn the much-deserved degree.

(Blue jeans)
Alam mo ba ano ang ibig sabihin ng ating pagsisikap sa ‘skwela
(Blue jeans)
Ba’t ‘di na lang iwanan ang pag-aaral at sama-sama tayong magsaya

Ngunit ang kabataan daw ay kayaman
‘Wag daw basta’t itapon at papabayaan
Kaya magsikap tayo habang may panahon at
Mag-aral at mag-ipon tayo ng karunungan

(Blue jeans)
Sige, sige, sige kayod sa ‘skwela at balang araw makikita n’yo
(Blue jeans)
Pagkatapos ng iyong paghihirap, ‘di ka rin makakahanap ng trabaho

Sino ba silang nagmamarunong sa buhay
Huwag sana silang makialam sa ‘king buhay
Anong kinabukasan pagkatapos sa ‘skwela
Huwag nang isipin at baka mangamba ka pa

Kay tagal-tagal ko nang nag-aaral
Tignan mo, kupas na’ng aking maong, hoo
Kung akala mo ako ay natuto na
Hindi pa rin

O kay tagal-tagal ko nang nag-aaral
Tignan mo, kupas na’ng aking maong, hoo
Kung akala mo ako ay natuto na
Hindi pa rin (‘di pa rin, ‘di pa rin, ‘di pa rin)

( Blue jeans )
Do you know what the meaning of our efforts to school
( Blue jeans )
Why not just leave the study and together we have fun

But they said youth is wealth
Don’t just throw them anyway
So strive as we have time and
Study and let’s invest in wisdom

( Blue jeans )
Go ahead , go ahead , go ahead struggle in school and someday you’ll see
( Blue jeans )
After your suffering , you also cannot find work

Who are they to know all about life
Forbid them to say how I lead my life
What does the future offer after school
Never mind lest you worry

For years I was studying
You see, my faded jeans, hoo
If you think I have learned
Not yet

Or for years I was studying
You see, my faded jeans, hoo
If you think I have learned
Still ( ” still , still , still )

For: Song Lyric Sunday – Paradise by Coldplay by Helen Espinosa and Music Mondays #30 by Kat

Wrong Class


“As the instructor wrapped up her opening remarks and launched into the first lesson, George frantically paged through the syllabus with a mounting feeling of confusion and dread.”

The syllabus read “…attempts to study how those positions, motions, and properties affect people and events on Earth.” The concept was different to what he was expecting. He thought it’s the study of the universe and its contents outside of Earth’s atmosphere; examining their positions, motions, and properties of celestial objects. “Ah, perhaps we’re still in the early stage,” he assumed. He continued listening to the lecture and didn’t want to intervene. He was getting more and more confused. The instructor was talking about how it’s being used as a pastime and some people consider it as pseudoscience. He couldn’t stand it any longer and raised his hand. “Excuse me, Miss, this is Astronomy class, right?” “I beg your pardon, Mister, you’re in Astrology class!” “Ooops, sorry, I think I’m in the wrong class,” and awkwardly left the classroom, as the rest of the class looked at him.

20160111: day 11

Happy 2016!! Ready to commit to three-words-a-day for a year?


* Check out about 3 words, the first posting, for what to do. choose three out of five.

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The Bohemian Life

This week’s photo prompt is provided by

The availability of steaming pulchritude has always been a compelling feature of a bohemian college life. My calendar is always full. Tonight, Jane is coming to my dorm so we can study Anatomy together – intensively. On Thursday, Its Cynthia’s turn and we swim in the tepid aquamarine we call the campus pool. And as for Sarah, I gave her a love heart, with my name scribbled cursively at the top – she swallowed it! I’m such a charmer. However, the punitive lifestyle of a young man is slowly taking its toll. It’s sad that the season is over, as advised by my doctor, when I was taken to the hospital. He affirmed that I have Arrhythmia.



For: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers by Priceless Joy and Wordle #92 “January 4, 2016”


Kevin the Student – Friday Fictioneers

Kevin’s just turned 18 and left home for college. He was accepted to do Biology. He’s just moving in this house. It was a house for students and has been divided to accommodate 5 or 6 students. Lynne and Graemme were already in one room, and so was Rick in the next room. As Kevin plodded on the threadbare carpet, he noticed that there was a traffic cone in the living room, obviously from last night’s dare. It was also a cold house, as they cannot afford to pay for the heating. It’s a tough life, being a student! (99 words)