Girl With A Psychedelic Frock

The girl with a psychedelic frock
She loves the sound of jazz and rock
People were fascinated, she’s so lovely
They’re happy, she’s such a beauty
Dancing with the beat of her heart
She’s so friendly, a real sweetheart
Velvety soft, hair so bouncy
Sweet as a candy and so carefree
Like being on a roof of an atelier
Such a wow and look at her footgear
Like being hit by a bolt of lightning
Spring in her steps, swing is her thing
Like bees visiting flowers for pollen
She’s so stunning, she’s having fun
She doesn’t need to vociferate
She’s so gorgeous, what a date

Photo Shoot
Photo Shoot


For: Music Friday Prompt #20: “Girl with the Crimson Hair” by the Imperial Swing Orchestra and Wordle #89 “December 14, 2015”

Leche Flan and Other Sweets

leche flan
leche flan

Leche Flan is my favourite dessert. My brother has this recipe and it’s so yummy! Here it is: 10 egg yolks, 2 cans evaporated milk, 1 can condensed milk, rinds of a lemon. First of all, prepare your tins and caramelised some sugar in them. Just put a couple of spoons of sugar in the tins and in a medium heat keep on stirring until brown caramelised. Put them aside. For the leche flan, put all the ingredients together, slightly stirring it, making sure no air formed. Double sieve it to the tins you have put aside with the caramelised sugar. Steam them until done. Put them in the refrigerator. Best served cold. Enjoy!

And here are some photos of other sweets:

For: Prompt Stomp Week 5 – Sweets and Tasty Thursdays  and Pour Some Sugar on Me