TBBOL Chapter 4.0 : Hobbies !


My hobbies:
1. Blogging – loving it! First thing in the morning, I check my emails then answer all the comments on my blogs. I love blogging, writing some fiction, poetry and non-fiction, posting some photos, reading, liking and commenting on other bloggers’ work. Blogging community is amazing!
2. Reading – I read a lot! from romance, thriller, horror, comedy, autobiographies, etc. I seem to have books all over the house, reading them during the day. And my kindle must have around 300 books and I take it on holidays.
3. Cycling – with Him Indoors, our Sunday cycling to the beer gardens and parks. Our favourite place is Ostpark where there’s a lake with three fountain, just hanging around there and watching the ducks, geese, swans, model boats, people eating and drinking.
4. Swimming – with Him Indoors on Thursday mornings, before he goes to work and me, before I do other things. We’re part of early swimmers, half an hour swim then ten minutes in the Jacuzzi – a lovely way to start our day.
5. Shopping – till I drop! I love shopping, feeling the materials, fitting dresses, trying them on, looking at the mirrors, retail therapy some people call it. I love it! I go with my friend, then we have lunch or coffee afterwards.
6. Travelling – love seeing new and exciting places. With Him Indoors, we have been to different parts of the world, with their own cultures and traditions and sense of fun.

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As The Ducks Paddle Along -A Terzanelle

The Terzanelle is a poetry type which is a combination of the villanelle and the terza rima forms. It is a 19-line poem consisting of five interlocking triplets/tercets plus a concluding quatrain in which the first and third lines of the first triplet appear as refrains. The middle line of each triplet is repeated, reappearing as the last line of the succeeding triplet with the exception of the center line of the next-to-the-last stanza which appears in the quatrain. The rhyme and refrain scheme for the triplets is as follows:

1. A
2. B
3. A

4. b
5. C
6. B

7. c
8. D
9. C

10. d
11. E
12. D

13. e
14. F
15. E

Ending Type 1:

16. f
17. A
18. F
19. A


As the ducks paddle along
People are glad to see them
As the ducks paddle along

They swim smoothly like bright gem
Their webbed feet are powerful
People are glad to see them

They pass by the stream babble
They can both hover and swim
Their webbed feet are powerful

They dip till they reach the rim
Family of ducks splashing
They can both hover and swim

Kids give them bread for eating
Ducklings are happy to feed
Family of ducks splashing

Pleasure to see we agreed
As the ducks paddle along
Ducklings are happy to feed
As the ducks paddle along

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Weekly Challenge: Forward

Thank God, It’s Monday! — The Return

Hello everyone! Glad for the return of TGIM. Hope everyone is fine. We’re OK here in Bavaria, quite sunny today, though still quite cold, but I’m not complaining. Anyway, back to being grateful. Glad that we’re back on our normal routine after a month’s holiday and some jetlag after. Happy that I got a new contract from the lift’s company. That means, another 40 weeks of one-on-one Business English lesson to my Engineer. He needs it as he deals with British and Spanish clients. I’ve also started our once a week English lesson for the seniors in our local community college. Also, our pet tortoises are awake after hibernating since December. Welcome to the world, Gin, Rex and Niki! They’re still indoors as it’s still quite cold to be outside. Once the weather change, they’ll be in the garden. HRH the son and his beautiful K are doing well. The wedding plans are on its way. Can’t wait for their wedding in May in the UK and in August in India. And as for me and Him Indoors, we started again our once a week morning swim with Jacuzzi – yay! That’s it from me. Have a lovely week everyone!


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Go With The Flow – A Rispetto

A Rispetto, an Italian form of poetry, is a complete poem of two rhyme quatrains with strict meter. The meter is usually iambic tetrameter with a rhyme scheme of abab ccdd. A Heroic Rispetto is written in Iambic pentameter, usually featuring the same rhyme scheme.


It’s nice to go with the flow
As long as the wind blows
Take whatever they throw
Life is full of lovely prose

Sometimes I have to go against the wind
Out the frame I climbed, down the pipe I shinned
All this adventure I went through
Perhaps that’s how each of us grew

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Flow

Wade in the Water – Taal Experience

Taal Volcano is the second most active volcano in the Philippines, with 33 historical eruptions. It is in the middle of Taal Lake which partially fills Taal Caldera. Taal Volcano and Lake presents one of the most picturesque and attractive views in the Philippines. I’ve always wanted to swim in the middle of the lake, where the crater was. So one of the things I’ve done when I was on holiday in the Philippines was to plan this trip. The boat ride was quite rough, we’ve been soaked to the bones! Heaving, roaring, whisking, jolting up and down, but we’ve made it! Then to go up the crater, we’ve ridden a horse, a small horse but it can work hard. What a marvellous view when we’ve reached the top of the crater. The water looked really inviting! I wanted to wade in it, to feel refreshed. So, with my horse, we went down the lake. Ah, wonderful! To be able to swim in the lake surrounded by the cliffs and hills around us, it’s pure heaven! There were some “sulfur” bubbling near. This is the volcano, after all. The others didn’t join me swimming and waddling in the lake, they were more interested in taking photos and “selfies”. So I’ve got the whole lake to myself! What an experience!

For: Music Prompt #33 “Wade in the Water” performed by Ella Jenkins

B&P’s Shadorma & Beyond – Snorkelling

Let’s look at the structure of a Kyrielle Poem … it is composed of rhyming three quatrains (four lines) or stanzas and like all Classical French poetry it is octosyllabic (eight syllables). Each quatrain ends with the same line (known as a refrain) – it becomes a sonnet when we add a couplet at the end of the poem composed of the first line and the refrain – so it’s important to choose your first line wisely. The rhyming structures are:




Great fun to be under the sea
Swimming with the fish and algae
Clear azure sea is amazing
Such adventure this snorkelling

Coral reef is another world
It’s like being in a dream world
I can swim for hours, that’s the thing
Such adventure this snorkelling

Saw a school of fish and turtle
Swimming with them is so blissful
Such a wonderful life, floating
Such adventure this snorkelling

Great fun to be under the sea
Such adventure this snorkelling

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: B&P’s Shadorma & Beyond – Kyrielle Poem



She moves rhythmically with all her body parts
Her torso, arms, legs and feet always in motion
North and southward, up and down she went
Breathing synchronized with the breaststroke
Butterfly, front crawl, scissors kick, backstroke
Twenty more minutes and she’s done training
Till she turned purple and out of breath
Working as hard as a donkey, she mused
Leaning her arms on the edge of the pool
No nostalgia here, just a small consolation
That one day she’ll reap the reward of her work
Now she’s so feeble even to get out of the pool
Dreaming away as she recovered her strength


For: Literary Lion. By Laura Gabrielle Feasey