T is for The Tableau

The Tableau, a poetry form created by Emily Romano in October of 2008, consists of one or more verses, each having six lines. Each line should have five beats. There is no set rhyme scheme, although rhyme may be present. The title should contain the word tableau.

Since the dictionary states the word tableau means picture or representation, the poem should reflect this. A picture should come to mind as the poem is read.


Twenty years teaching
Lots of experience
Lots of memories
Fun and happiness
Bonding with learners
Investing in them

Flexible programme
Depends on their needs
Echelons and wish
Groups or one-on-one
In firms and schools
Theories and practice

(c) ladyleemanila 2016


For: 23rd day of NaPoWriMo and Tell us about your fave #AtoZChallenge Twitter Moments!

Meet Mister Molano

Teacher’s Pet
Tell us about a teacher who had a real impact on your life, either for the better or the worse. How is your life different today because of him or her?


Meet Mister Molano
My strict Physics teacher
He didn’t carry any book
When he lectured us about Physics
They all came from his head
Very clever, no messing about
He wanted us to pay attention
To every word he uttered
So we’d have good grades
But if we got a zero
He’d hand the paper back to us
Very cautiously, as if it was an egg
And everybody knew what we had
And if we were good, he’d tell us so
Look at her, she’s a Villanueva
I had her father and brother, too
They’ve all had it in them, well done!

Teacher’s Pet