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He saw his sister’s number come up on the Caller ID and wondered what today’s conspiracy theory would be.

After the hellos and how you are small talk, my sister ventured out on her rhetoric. Supply and demand regulate nothing but the temporary fluctuations of market prices. That there’s no justice in this world. Few have them all and the rest of the world in poverty, she sighed in between each theory. Life today is a great sea of bustle and activity with everyone on the move. That if we don’t follow the trends, we’re out of it. Shifting to her friend who has got engaged to a pilot and they’re getting married in the summer. Then she dropped her voice and said that the said friend is also three months pregnant. I love my sister, to be honest and she’s so funny sometimes. I roar with laughter at some of the things she said. I don’t know where she’s getting all these ideas. Like the time when we were talking about life and death. She reckoned that a revenant returned only to steal away again with another. That they came back to caused havoc. She dismissed any other arguments.


For: Write Now Prompt for January 19, 2016 and Wordle 234 Jan 17 by brenda warren

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From a Distance – Friday Fiction, Finish It! #9 and The Prompt Week 64

sun rise

Sitting on the rock, his feet dangling in the water. It was the place he could relax, where all the pressure was lifted off his shoulders. He wished, he could share it with her though. While his eyes scanned the ocean he wondered where she would be right now, what she was doing and whom she was with.

The last time he saw her was at EDSA, they were part of the protestors at Camp Crame, wearing yellow shirts. It was in February 1986, to be exact. They were part of the crowds praying, shouting and singing together in front of tanks and armed soldiers. That was a tough time, they didn’t know what to expect. They just joined them in the spirit of cooperation and unity. They wanted freedom from dictatorship, from corruption, from poverty. They handed some sandwiches and flowers to the soldiers and the other people near them. They wanted to make a difference. It took 3 days for the revolution to be over. They were proud to be part of that history.

And then she was gone. Away from him, away from this country. She was returning to Britain where she was to get married. She always wanted to be different, to spread her wings, to explore. She went from one country to another, venturing out, experiencing life and somehow, was successful in her endeavour. She met her future husband in the chemical laboratory in Germany, where they were both training.

And as for him, he also started having a family, with 4 children in tow. He was very proud of what he has achieved, having his own business and quite successful, too. The children were all doing well in school. But from time to time, he still thinks about her. About what it could have been had they been together, what could have been had she not left the country, what could have been had he had the courage to let her know what he felt. He always wondered where she would be right now, what she was doing and whom she was with.

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