#SoCS Nov. 21/15 “to/too/two”

To belong to something or someone, one should take part, too. One plus one is two. Two for the price of one. To infinity and beyond….. Sorry for rumbling on, just trying to write loudly as I think, does it make sense? Anyway, here goes, promise!

Hello everyone. Hope you’re all having a lovely Saturday. Here in Bavaria – it’s freezing! I guess winter is here. We can feel it in the air. It’s going to snow tomorrow, forecast says. One, winter tyres have replaced summer tyres, checked. Two, winter jackets and boots are ready, checked, too. Summer stuff back in the wardrobe. Getting ready for a long winter this year, oh dear!

One plus one is two. Did I tell you that HRH the son is getting married next year with his lovely K? So, we’re not losing a son, we’re gaining a daughter, too. We have two children now, well, big children. Looking forward to the wedding. One wedding, two big receptions, one in the UK and one in India, too.

To infinity and beyond! I’m not talking about the remake of Toy Story… it’s just next year we are also celebrating our 30 years wedding anniversary. Wow, seems like a lifetime or how time flies, too. Where did all the years go? It doesn’t seem that long time ago, when we first met in the lab, now we’re thinking of retiring in 8 years. Really, really grateful for everything – all the experience, the fighting, the tiff, the learning, the sharing and people we have met, places we have been – we can’t count them all.

Cheers for now and enjoy the coming week, too.

For: Stream of Consciousness Saturday