Manfred’s Date


He was certain that this time there would be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Manfred was getting ready for his date that night. This was his fifth date from the online dating company. The first four dates were not successful as the women did not want a second date. This time, he was sure that “she” would be the one and this date would be a success.

He took a shower and put some after shave (a bit too much if you ask me) but didn’t bother putting a deodorant because he put one of this 48hr one yesterday. He made sure he used his extra strong anti-acne soap. He carefully chose his shirt (pinkish), blue vest and bowtie. From what he had read online, this one was already a winner. She was from the same town, fun-loving and working as a care giver.

He met Claudia in the restaurant. She came 15 minutes late but Manfred didn’t mind that. He was already in love with her from what he could see from his thick glasses. She has a lovely bob hair, wearing sleeveless top which showed her rose tattoo on her arm. They ordered their meal and conversation and wine kept coming. Manfred licked his plate clean at the end of the meal.

Soon it was time to pay the bill. Manfred took out his calculator and divided the amount according to what they had ordered. He wasn’t going to pay for that last bottle of wine because he hardly drank from it (that’s what he thought). Anyway, they’ve settled the bill.

Claudia said goodbye and Manfred never heard from her again. Manfred wondered why. There was nothing in him not to like, he convinced himself. So he went back to the agency for his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

For: #Maydays Prompt – Date Night!