Just Jot It January 3rd – Frozen

Good day everyone! I woke up this morning and this frozen scene greeted me. Sort of our first snow, two weeks later. We were dreaming of a white Christmas, but never mind… we had a mild Christmas Day, as well as a mild New Year’s Day. We had fun, though! Hope you had wonderful holidays, too. Cheers for now, ladylee xx

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For: Just Jot It January 3rd – Frozen, Sundays In My City and #MySundayPhoto – Happy New Year

Sankt Nikolaus


The 6th of December and Ben (8) and Clara (6) were waiting for Sankt Nikolaus to come to their house. There were also 6 children from their neighbourhood. They were promised that Sankt Nikolaus with his angel were coming to give them presents. They were all excited. Ben and Clara’s mother, Sabine had booked a “Sankt Nikolaus and an angel” to make her children and their friends happy. She paid 200 euros for a half an hour appearance and giving of gifts. She also prepared some Christmas cookies which they had baked on the first of December. The first candle for Advent had also been lit.

There was a knock on their door. The children couldn’t contain their excitement. The angel entered first – wearing a cheap paper-made wings, white blouse and black pair of jeans and black trainers. Surely, angels don’t come like this! The children were expecting a serene all-white angel with proper wings, curly hair and beautiful face, instead of this pouting teen-ager. Then, they heard a “ho, ho, ho” from “Sankt Nikolaus” – a thin Sankt Nikolaus, not wearing a red bishop costume and his headgear, but instead a cheap version of Santa Claus outfit. Again, the children were disappointed. Surely, Sankt Nikolaus doesn’t look like this!

For: Sunday Photo Fiction – December 20th 2015

Limerick Challenge Week 9: Season

It’s the season to be merry
Christmas market and lights to see
A festive one
So have some fun
Don’t forget to have a shopping spree

It’s Saint Nicholas’ Day today
Filled my shoes with sweets- yea
We have to light the second candle
Second Advent, we’re hopeful
The season to pray and play

Love is all around us, actually
Spread it everywhere with glee
You and me and all
Quite cold, you need a shawl
A season for malt wine and brandy


For: Limerick Challenge and Prompt Stomp Week 8