That Mountain – Finish It! #4 and “Words to Write By” Prompt #6

azalea, century, wine, disturbance, skirt, steal, wade, habit, incompatible, illusion

view from the top
view from the top

They were standing on top of the mountain, overlooking the valley and the ocean. It was hard to believe that they were here after all they’ve been through.

They used to climb this mountain, overlooking the valley and the ocean. It felt like that was a century ago. That long time ago… when they have just got married and the world was full of azalea, snowbells, lilies and irises and they ran up and down the hills. Then there was a disturbance that stole their happiness and togetherness.

Thomas was assigned to Afghanistan and Joanne had to wait for him. Unfortunately, Thomas was hit by one of the tanks and ended up losing his left foot. Years of agony and pain, of rehabilitation, of having an artificial leg, of getting used to the whole idea that their lives have changed.

Joanne was always on his side, encouraging him, giving him all the love and support to make him whole again. Slowly, they went back to their habit of walking, of climbing some hills, and eventually, of climbing that mountain. So they were standing on top of that mountain and saying thanks to what they have achieved.