Miniature Write Now and Photo Challenge #132


As the new day began, it was clear that things would never be the same
She staggered to get up, her shadow visible on the sheet hanging on the line
Embraced by the fresh morning dew, greeted by the birds proclaiming their claim
Determined to make a difference and to put her pain away, firm that life is fine
Dance if she has to, so as to show the world that there’s really no one to blame
Ending the black and white of existence and replacing it with a fine wine and dine*

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

* Harrisham Rhyme, created by the female poet, Harrisham Minhas, belonging to the State of Punjab in India, of a six-line rhyming stanza. In this form, the last alphabet of the first word of each line is the first alphabet of the first word of next line.

There is no restriction on the starting alphabet of the first line.

Rhyming scheme : ababab.

For: Write Now Prompt for September 27, 2016, Photo Challenge #132, MINIATURE WRITING CHALLENGE #62


Write Now Prompt for September 20, 2016 – Rain


The rain was needed
but the timing of the storm
couldn’t have been worse

He was not going to allow the cold
Wind-driven rain to change his plan
The sound of the rain around him enfold
Even the thunder cannot make him run

He approach all with a single aim
And that is to win, no matter what
He has to lay claim on the dame
It takes a lot of courage and gut

In each level, he has to play fair
A key player of life, with a glint of hope
He’s always been fair and square
No matter what, he’s always able to cope

Taking everything with a grain of salt
But then she came and everything changed
The whole world seems to halt
Doesn’t want her to be estranged

Attaching to her like glue, losing his mind
But she wants to go where no one has been
He held her hands, their fingers entwined
She was nowhere to be seen, to his chagrin

And suddenly at this present phase, he’s lost
He has to start from scratch and that’s tough
He was physically and mentally exhausted
He should carry on, what he did wasn’t enough

For: Write Now Prompt for September 20, 2016


The Sandbox Writing Challenge #44 — Lighting Up Your World

Let me tell you what inspires me
Him, son, flowers, nature and sea
Places we’ve been, I like to share
Love stories and tales that scare
And of course, things that make me glee

Wordles, photos, fiction- my spree
Making me express, that’s the key
Got to write them because they’re there
Let me tell you

Wild life, food, they make me happy
Fish, chips and roast beef with gravy
Perhaps, write a play, fair and square
Sometimes nothing works as I glare
Even if I’m a busy bee
Let me tell you

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: The Sandbox Writing Challenge #44 — Lighting Up Your World

Back on Campus


Being back on campus for the first time in 25 years brought back so many long-forgotten memories.

Those were the days when she was young and carefree, ready to show the world what she could do. Those days when they would sit on the grass when the weather permitted it and just hanged around. Those days when she first left home and although she missed her family, had found new friends and had tried new adventures. Ah! the first taste of freedom, of deciding things for herself and trusting and relying on her own judgment.

Those were the days when she met him, who has charmed her from day one. Tall, handsome and very intelligent, he had all the attention of the girls, but he chose her. She was really flattered, why her, she often asked herself. Everything was rosy, wining and dining. But something happened and they had to part ways, which broke her heart.

Back to the present. She’s here to attend her son’s graduation and she’s very proud of him. After three years, he earned his much deserved degree. He looked just like his father – tall, handsome and very intelligent. How she wished he could see him now.

For: Write Now Prompt for April 19, 2016


Spring Break

Today’s Prompt:
It never failed: at least one of the kids was always sick during Spring Break.

We were supposed to go skiing in Austria for a week. But two days before the spring break, Little One came back from Kindergarten sneezing and not feeling well. Gave her some Calpol for her cold and put her to bed straight away. She didn’t want to eat anything so I just gave her lots of juice and water to drink. We had to cancel our holiday. The older kids complained but I just promised to take them skiing one day, just to our nearby Lenggries where we can go back in the afternoon. Three days later, the Middle One got the colds, too. It’s typical, once one kid gets it, the whole family follows. Oh well, we just stayed at home the entire two weeks. Cheers everyone!

For: Write Now Prompt for March 29, 2016


Coco’s Morning


Today’s Prompt:

The morning was silent except for the occasional rumbles of thunder in the distance.
Do the rumbles of thunder mean anything? Is a storm coming? Is it a storm in his career or something happening in his life? He was pondering about this as he was driving this morning. He has to persuade the Board that his design is the way to go, if they want their business to remain number one. As he was driving on the motorway, there’s a blinding light coming towards him. What was that? He muttered to himself. As he was getting nearer, the sign was getting clearer. It was his design, but with some changes. He was trying to decipher the changes that he didn’t notice a lorry coming from the other direction. A big crashed ensued and an ambulance was called.  Sadly, Coco didn’t wake up.

For: Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner by rogershipp and Write Now Prompt for March 25, 2016 by Today’s Author


Few Things She Hated More


Today’s Prompt:
There were few things she hated more than having to renew her driver’s license.

She hated waking up early to go to work. Work as in stressful, full of intrigue and office politics. Work as in not having enough salary to pay for all her shopping spree and hobbies.

She hated being on her own. Why Mathew had to leave her, she had no clue. They used to be happy together.

She hated being forgetful. Important dates she forgot, such as her Mum’s birthday, her doctor’s appointment, and when to renew her driver’s license. She used to put them all in her diary, but she forgot where she left her diary. Oh well, it wasn’t her day today.

For: Write Now Prompt for March 4, 2016


Mother and Son

Family relationships, mother and son

Today’s Prompt:

The phone call from her son’s high school principal was something she was totally unprepared to receive.

“What has he done this time?” Marlene mused to herself. They have just moved to this place and has found the school close to it. The school offered a wide range of sports and other extra-curricular activities for the pupils. After the divorce case and all the cost involved, they were just getting on top of things. Martin seemed fine with the move and has decorated his room with his favourite posters. He was even thinking of going to watch his team’s match at the weekend.

“Mrs. Smith, I just would like to let you know that your son Martin has hit one of his classmates, Paul and has threatened him with more violence, had we not been able to stop the fight. I talked to both of them. Paul had said something which Martin didn’t like. The key point was they apologised to each other. So, for now, let it just be a warning for both the pupils.” Marlene thanked the principal and told her that she’ll have a word with Martin when he gets home.


For: Write Now Prompt for March 1, 2016 and Wordle 238 by Brenda Warren

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My Sister – Write Now!


Today’s Prompt:

He saw his sister’s number come up on the Caller ID and wondered what today’s conspiracy theory would be.

After the hellos and how you are small talk, my sister ventured out on her rhetoric. Supply and demand regulate nothing but the temporary fluctuations of market prices. That there’s no justice in this world. Few have them all and the rest of the world in poverty, she sighed in between each theory. Life today is a great sea of bustle and activity with everyone on the move. That if we don’t follow the trends, we’re out of it. Shifting to her friend who has got engaged to a pilot and they’re getting married in the summer. Then she dropped her voice and said that the said friend is also three months pregnant. I love my sister, to be honest and she’s so funny sometimes. I roar with laughter at some of the things she said. I don’t know where she’s getting all these ideas. Like the time when we were talking about life and death. She reckoned that a revenant returned only to steal away again with another. That they came back to caused havoc. She dismissed any other arguments.


For: Write Now Prompt for January 19, 2016 and Wordle 234 Jan 17 by brenda warren

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The Lottery Ticket


Today’s Prompt:

He stared in disbelief at the little slip of paper in his hand as the winning lottery numbers were read.

His heart almost stopped, when each number matched the numbers on his little slip of paper. He won, he won! All these years of buying lottery tickets have paid off. All the weeks of waiting, of wishing that his numbers match what they were reading. He couldn’t believe it! Life would never be the same again. He could buy a house for him and his mother, who brought him up single handed, doing laundry, waitressing and all sorts of jobs just to keep ends meet. There will be enough food for both of them. He would ask his mother to stop working now, pamper her and give her some luxury in life. He could go back to college and quit his job, too. Concentrate on being a student and following his dreams. Such a wonderful life, as he looked up the sky and said thanks.


For: Write Now Prompt for January 8, 2016