Sunday Photo Fiction – Boys!


“die, you ###, die!”

“quick, here, before they start again!”

“bang, strike, ouch, smack!”

The noise from the living room was full of screaming boys, fighting like crazy with their toy soldiers, power rangers, ninja turtles, avengers. Or they fought among themselves. They’ve gone through a lot of heroes and villains. And when they were not there, they were outside playing football or just throwing balls around. The energy was immense, and of course, good old Mum has to give them never ending snacks and drinks. And taxiing to their games, football, rugby, karate, kung-fu, swimming, guitar and piano lessons, overnight stay with friends. Sometimes, friends came over for barbeque and stayed the night, too. Life was full of activities then. Now, they’re all gone, having their own lives somewhere. I miss them.

For: Sunday Photo Fiction


18 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – Boys!

  1. A bit sad and nostalgic. Boys when you get and playing all these fighting games can be loud and annoying. What avoid Mom to just let them burn energy and to put up with the injuries and what “he” did to me settling. But I think you’re right, after slide of it, you’d miss it. Wait for the grandkids I guess?

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  2. When our son moved out after high school to stay with friends, our daughter said he was “dumb”. She waited until she had a year of college to go. They were making it on their own when “we” moved away and came to India. I wish they were closer, but that’s the way it is. Good writing, LLM. 🙂 — Suzanne

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