Thekkady Jeep Safari

Hello everyone! One of the best experiences I had when we were in India was the Thekkady Jeep Safari. The jeep safari to Gavi, picturesque land, is the major off-the-track destination ideal for a wilderness retreat replete with trekking, birding, canoeing and facilities for boarding. This biological garden, with hills and valleys, tropical forests, tea farms, sprawling grass lands, sholas, cascading waterfalls and cardamom plantation, is home for many endangered species like lion tailed macaque; nilgiri tahrs etc. . It was a three hour tour and we were not disappointed, though a bit shaken and bruised from the bumpy ride, but it’s all worth it. Wonderful view from start to finish.

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Skywatch Bataan

Bataan is a province in the Philippines situated in the Central Luzon region. Its capital is the city of Balanga. Occupying the entire Bataan Peninsula on Luzon, Bataan is bordered by the provinces of Zambales and Pampanga to the north. (Wikipedia)

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A Walk in Our Village – Echoes of my Neighbourhood 15

It was a lovely day today so we went for a walk this morning. It took us two hours to walk from our village to the next, had salad for lunch, then walked back again. That was fun!

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“Time Flies If You Have Fun”

Schools’ out for summer
Playing, running and swimming
Childhood memories

When I was young, summer was my favourite season. The sun was out, flowers bloomed and everything was bright and beautiful. It was the time we played outside all day (until our parents called us for dinner), cycled around our village, and seek our adventure in all places. We also swam in creeks and lakes, climbed trees, ate fruit we picked, played hide and seek. On other days, we played patintero (try to cross my line without letting me touch or catch you), tumbang preso (hit the can), piko (hopscotch) or luksong-tinik (lit. jump over the thorns of a plant). Sometimes we rented some bikes and circled around our neighbourhood. It was a happy childhood.

Summer is still my favourite season. I love it when we could be lazy and not do anything. Or staying in the garden and drinking some cold drinks, listening to the birds singing. I love our garden, full of lavenders, roses, dahlias, petunias, sunflowers, and the three tortoises walking around their fenced paradise half of our garden (spoiled pets!). I also love it when we cycle to different beer gardens and parks, or go to the mountains to walk or swim in the lakes.

A warm summer day
Watching the ducks in the lake
Cycling to the park

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