Saying Thanks

Hello everyone. It has been raining in Bavaria and here are some of our rhododendrons

as well as our aliums

and this hedgehog came to visit us

I have been grateful for some of the food we had for the last week

Our orchid started flowering again!


Tomorrow we’re flying to the UK to attend HRH the son’s wedding to his beautiful K on Tuesday


After the wedding we’re going around London. Really looking forward to it.

What made you smile this week?

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#SoCS May 14/16 – “so”

So, how are you today? Hope you’re all well. It’s raining cats and dogs here in Bavaria since yesterday. Don’t fancy going out at all, so perhaps pyjamas day today, i.e. wear my pyjamas all day, read a book, take a nap and later on, have a bath and change into another pyjamas. Sounds like a good plan!

Anyway, my Mum arrived in Heathrow last night from the Philippines. My brother picked him up and drove back to Coventry. I’ll wait a little while and I can ring them because I’m sure they’re still asleep. Yes, my Mum is here in Europe for the son’s wedding next week. We’re flying to the UK on Friday and my sister and husband from Canada are arriving on Saturday morning. Cousin from Dormagen and the nephew and niece from Geneva arrive on Sunday. Son called to say that some people from India are arriving soon, too. Yay, the wedding is on! We’re all looking forward to it!

Yesterday I met my friend and we had Japanese for lunch, miso soup, tuna sashimi and green tea. Then we went to a shop and had some make-up done to us. The one who did mine was so good that I bought most of the stuff she used. I’m a big sucker, me! Oh well, I thought I’d treat myself to new mascara, eye liner and foundation for the wedding, too.

So here’s to say that I won’t be able to blog for a couple of weeks and you know why. We’re celebrating the wedding of HRH the son to his beautiful K. Life is wonderful, isn’t it so?

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Cycling, Breakfast and Teriyaki – Echoes of my Neighbourhood

*three things that make me smile: an exercise in gratitude – feel free to steal this idea with wild abandon and fill your blog with the happy*

Hello everyone! Lovely weather here and we’ve been cycling a lot!

I met my friend today and we had some cool breakfast, complete with Proseco!


I went to town the other day and I had teriyaki prawns and salad for lunch

So, what made you smile this week?

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Hello everyone! May is HRH the son’s birthday, he’s 24! Cheers! We’re also looking forward to his wedding to his beautiful K this month. We’re all excited!

We are happy, Him Indoor and I
We can feel the son is so happy
We are happy he found his Sweetie
She’s very lovely, we all agree
They can plan their future, all coolly
We’re happy to share with you all
Something positive and exciting
The world is wonderful and brightly

I love the spring flowers around at this time.

See the flowers bloom
Get rid of the gloom
Our days are getting longer
Warblers are singing
And we’re out biking
And the sky, is it clearer?

Tortoises are out
They’re walking about
Crocuses and daffodils
Tulips and snowdrops
Garden as backdrops
Just to be out give us thrills

These ponies are adorable.

To sleep, perchance to dream
Horses gallop across moonbeam
To dream, ah, that is so divine
Sailing across the river Rhine
Where all her thoughts meshed
And waking up feeling refreshed

We started cycling around, and the white blossoms are lovely.

stars of spring
flower buds begin to peek
hundreds of white blooms

all the signs of spring are here
rejoice and let’s welcome it


hanging around by the lake.

fountains, ducks and coots
having ice-cream by the lake
our Sunday’s pleasure

walking around our town.

Life’s never smooth sailing
It will surely pass
After winter, there’s spring
It’s always green, the grass

Hope you enjoyed the little tour in our part of the world.

For: SEASONS – WHAT’S UP IN MAY by Jesh Stg and Ten Things of Thankful 149 (Love, light, and limbo) #10Thankful by Lizzi. Also, it may be used for: #Maydays Prompt – Lessons learnt

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Munich – Echoes of my neighbourhood

Munich, the capital of Bavaria, is home to centuries-old buildings and numerous museums. The city is known for its annual Oktoberfest celebration and cavernous beer halls, including the famed Hofbräuhaus, founded in 1589. In the walkable Old Town, Marienplatz is a central square containing landmarks such as Gothic Neues Rathaus (town hall), with a popular glockenspiel show. (Wikipedia)

For: Milling around Souk Al Bahar…Echoes of my neighbourhood

A Walk in Our Village – Echoes of my Neighbourhood 15

It was a lovely day today so we went for a walk this morning. It took us two hours to walk from our village to the next, had salad for lunch, then walked back again. That was fun!

For: Za’abeel Palace’s outer grounds…Echoes of my neighbourhood 15 and Skywatch Friday – 21 April 2016 Edition . Also for: marina view…

O is for Ode

An Ode is a poem praising and glorifying a person, place or thing.



We were always there
Come Holy Week or All Saint’s Day
And don’t forget the harvest time
And all the fiestas – they were always fun
All our cousins were there
Tatang’s farm was always open
We all slept together on the floor
Snoring, people talking in their sleeps
Playing till the sun came down
Swimming and splashing in the creek
And Tatang washing his carabao
Fresh unpasteurised milk in the morning
We just poured it with steaming rice
We added salt and ate with our hands
And on the way to the creek, we had fruit
Mangoes, lansones, bananas as we picked them
On harvest time it was fun, people singing
Grounding some rice and peanuts and coconuts
We made some nice dish, I forgot what it was called
Perhaps we’d never be all together or experienced the same fun
As we are all over the world and the farm was not there anymore
But we’d always remember the fun we shared
On Tatang’s farm in Culianin, Plaridel, Bulacan

(c) ladyleemanila 2016


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Skywatch Subic Bay – Echoes of my Neighbourhood

Subic Bay is a bay on the west coast of the island of Luzon, in the Philippines, about 100 kilometres northwest of Manila Bay.

For: Skywatch Friday – 14 April 2016 EditionMore Miracles, Picnic and Bowling…Echoes of my neighbourhood # 14 and WW #55 bringing in the fish…

Cottage on our Street

A Quatrain is a poem consisting of four lines of verse with a specific rhyming scheme.
A few examples of a quatrain rhyming scheme are as follows:

#1) abab
#2) abba — envelope rhyme
#3) aabb
#4) aaba, bbcb, ccdc, dddd — chain rhyme


Lots of houses and cottages on our street
An old lady living with cat, she’s so sweet
A cottage surrounded with red and green leaves
I pass by her cottage every day and we both greet

We protect our houses for the thieves
People gossip, that’s one of our peeves
We kids play on the street till teatime
We know our affairs, our lives interweave

We played all day, we’re covered in grime
All the apple trees we just have to climb
Roller skates, cycling, running, all fun
We’re all growing up for the meantime

The cottage with the leaves is being done
Old lady passed away and now there’s the son
He’s moving with his family with their tons
There’s even a swimming pool oh what fun

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: FFfAW – Week of 04-05-2016 by Priceless Joy and Street