#SoCS May 14/16 – “so”

So, how are you today? Hope you’re all well. It’s raining cats and dogs here in Bavaria since yesterday. Don’t fancy going out at all, so perhaps pyjamas day today, i.e. wear my pyjamas all day, read a book, take a nap and later on, have a bath and change into another pyjamas. Sounds like a good plan!

Anyway, my Mum arrived in Heathrow last night from the Philippines. My brother picked him up and drove back to Coventry. I’ll wait a little while and I can ring them because I’m sure they’re still asleep. Yes, my Mum is here in Europe for the son’s wedding next week. We’re flying to the UK on Friday and my sister and husband from Canada are arriving on Saturday morning. Cousin from Dormagen and the nephew and niece from Geneva arrive on Sunday. Son called to say that some people from India are arriving soon, too. Yay, the wedding is on! We’re all looking forward to it!

Yesterday I met my friend and we had Japanese for lunch, miso soup, tuna sashimi and green tea. Then we went to a shop and had some make-up done to us. The one who did mine was so good that I bought most of the stuff she used. I’m a big sucker, me! Oh well, I thought I’d treat myself to new mascara, eye liner and foundation for the wedding, too.

So here’s to say that I won’t be able to blog for a couple of weeks and you know why. We’re celebrating the wedding of HRH the son to his beautiful K. Life is wonderful, isn’t it so?

For: Stream of Consciousness Saturday by Linda Hill


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