JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Party

our apple tree at the back

She knew the forecast was for rain, but she insisted the party would be outdoors anyway.

Clarissa’s heart was into it. She had it all planned, the tea, coffee, cakes and snacks in the afternoon and later on, some grilled food, music and dance in the park. She was hoping nature would be nice to her and rain won’t come. She even offered some flowers to her ancient icon in her garden.

Guests arrived at the park, full of enthusiasm and stories about their days. They thanked Clarissa, for being behind the party. They brought some food, wine and other drinks. Everyone was having a great time. But then the first clue came, with some thunder and lightning. All eyes were on the sky, hoping it won’t rain. And as if heaven broke and a voice came out from it, rain started hammering in. They started looking for some cover or shed. They all ran toward the restaurant, leaving all the food and drinks in the park. Oh dear, not a nice ending to the party.

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Paul and the Eclipse


Paul can’t keep still. Today’s going to be a great day. He’s taking a day off from work. He’s been working hard lately and he wants to have a break from all the politics, gossips, deadlines, quota and pressure from work. John is covering for him today – John doesn’t mind at all. Paul moved this day off from next month, anticipating the eclipse this evening. He has invited some friends so they could all watch the eclipse. He has prepared some finger food and drinks.

This party is also a sign that Paul has moved on from his split with Anna, his ex-girlfriend. They had been going out for a couple of years when she decided Paul wasn’t for her. She found another boyfriend straight away.

He constantly checks his maps and the weather forecast. He knows that at a certain time, the eclipse will be visible for everyone from his terrace. His friends started arriving and they are all more or less excited. Some brought some salad, drinks and sweets.

In the middle of the party, the weather turned for the worse. The wind howled, clouds covered the sky. Oh no, if this goes on, they won’t be able to see the eclipse. Paul is getting agitated and went to the rear of the garden. Oh well, they were not able to see the eclipse, but they carried on with the party and they all had a great time.


For: Photo-Fiction #41 and Wordle 253 Jun 5 by Brenda Warren

Ten Things of Thankful 145 (On Cheerfulness) #10Thankful

Happy Easter everyone!!! Hope everyone is having a great time and that the Easter Bunny has been to your house. Here in Bavaria is a lovely morning. Him Indoors is fixing our bikes so we can cycle somewhere later, perhaps have our first Maß (1 liter of beer). Anyway, here are my ten things of thankful:


Now that it’s nearly over and that my brother is finally getting home on Thursday, I’m telling you his story. My brother is a Chief Engineer on his ship. Unluckily, their ship has got bankrupt since December 2015. They were stranded in a remote island in China. The crew didn’t know what to do, they asked to be paid, or if not, asked to be sent back to the Philippines (well, 21 of them, including my brother). The Philippine Government who’s supposed to help them, didn’t do anything. Or because of bureaucracy and passing responsibilities from one department to the next, no help was given to them. Their families back in the Philippines were also affected, the wives tried to hire some lawyers so they could help them, still nothing. It was getting into desperation and frustration mode, the crew are losing their sanity, they are getting on each other’s nerves instead. What a tragic experience. Imagine, no salaries, no food and no help in the middle of nowhere, like animals being trapped in their cage. Meanwhile the families in the Philippines are also suffering, but they still sent the crew some money for their survival. Still no exit visa given to them. Last Friday, they tried to go on a ferry boat to reach the nearest Philippine Embassy, but the immigration police caught them, put them in detention for three hours, like criminals. 21 of them in one small room. Then they were returned to their ship. For some reason or luck, somehow, they managed to pay for exit visa and plane tickets and they’re off to Shanghai on Tuesday. I’m very grateful for this. Hope they reach their destination safely and no hassle on the way. I’m not that religious but I’m kneeling down and praying. Praise the Lord!


I’m thankful that my niece (my brother’s daughter, see the first story, so this is one of the blessings) is finishing her primary years on Tuesday and she’s Salutatorian in her class. Congrats my pretty niece! Other niece is also graduating from college next month, as well as another niece and nephew from primary years, too. Good luck on your next step and your future!


It was my aunt’s birthday yesterday and they celebrated it with style. My Mother went to her and they celebrated it together with the son and family and other friends. They had dinner and watched Les Miserable. I’m sure my aunt enjoyed her day.


HRH the son and his beautiful K are still in love and the wedding plans are still going and we’re all looking forward to it. Tickets from Canada, Germany and the Philippines were bought, hotels have been booked and the venue has been sorted out. Last weekend they had food tasting in the hotel and they said they were brilliant! Not long now…


I’m thankful that spring has finally arrived here in Bavaria, new buds appearing, the grass turning green, narcissus, crocuses and snowdrops are popping up. Yay for spring!


I had a restful week last week and another week off this coming week for our Easter break. I promise to go to the gym more, eat healthily, walk or cycle more, etc.


Have a Blessed Easter everyone!

For: Ten Things of Thankful 145 (On Cheerfulness) #10Thankful . Also for: Thank God, It’s Monday! -28 March 2016 by Pia Jingco


The Great Book of lists chapter 3.1 : A party of choice

I’m going to have a dinner party and these are the people I’m planning to invite:

Beethoven and Mozart – they will provide the music, alternately, complete with orchestra or string quartet

Jamie Oliver and my Dad – Jamie will cook our five-course meal, while my Dad will be the sous-chef. My Dad would love that!

Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Ninoy Aquino – would be great to have them discuss about freedom, democracy and how to be patient

William Shakespeare and Jane Austen – William will write me a sonnet while Jane and I talk about our Mr. Darcy

Morecambe and Wise – they’ll provide the comic double act

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The Reunion

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Etol Bagam. Thank you Etol!

Aside from not being so smoky anymore, the pub was still the same for Rick. The wooden floor, the rustic look, the barrels and of course, the pool table. They spent a lot of their afternoons and evenings in this pub, him, Pete, John, Marie and Jane. Rick couldn’t wait to see them again, after 30 years. That was a long time! They were all freshmen from different departments when they first met. Marie and John were going out that time. Rick celebrated his 20th birthday here, wearing top hat and tails, Pete as a drag because of his long hair, Marie was a Danger Mouse, John was a pirate and Jane was Wonder Woman. That was fun! Ah, memories of the past! They played pool all night. And of course, drinks all round. Now, one by one, his friends arrived – Pete, John, Marie and Jane – and boy, great to see them again!


For: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers by Priceless Joy


Ten Things of Thankful 134 (Of Big Things and Little Ones) #10Thankful

Hello everyone! It’s my big brother’s birthday today – yay! he’s celebrating it on his ship, being a Chief Engineer, so Many Happy Returns of the day, Kuya!

As a suprise Christmas present, Him Indoors gave me two tickets for the opera. Of course, I took him with me. It was “La Boheme” by Puccini. The opera was great – Mimi, Rodolfo, Marcelo and Muzetta – they were all brilliant. I ended up in tears when Mimi died. A great night, indeed!

Our cross trainer has just arrived. Him Indoors assembled it and we started using it. Wish us good luck, we promise to use it while watching telly.

I love shopping! I shop till I drop… anyway, first time this year and I was overwhelmed with all the sales in town. Didn’t know what to buy, instead just enjoyed window shopping. Him Indoors has just had a sigh of relief!

Happy to take part in many blogging challenges this month 🙂

in three weeks’ time, I’ll be off to the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore and Cambodia – can’t wait!

after the snow last week, it has been quite mild here in Bavaria

Mini has just passed its TUV – so here’s to two more years of driving Mini (my more than 10 year old car)

Him Indoors and I are spending a lot of our time in the kitchen experimenting with different sorts of recipes – Indian, Italian, Asian

Here’s wishing you all a lovely weekend and a great week ahead!

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