Ten Things of Thankful 172 (Magic) #10Thankful

Hello everyone! There’s magic in the air and I’m loving it! Hope you are all fine. As I’ve said last Thursday, got lots of little things to be thankful about.

I’m smiling because the weather here in Bavaria is lovely, our Indian summer! We have just been swimming this morning and it was brilliant. I’ve hanged clothes outside to dry and the tortoises are happy in the garden. We’re also happy sitting in the garden, drinking our fizzy drinks and admiring the flowers. I have taken lots of photo, as usual, of the flowers, of the leaves changing colours, of the falling leaves, of shadows and other stuff. This morning I’ve video-called my mother. She’s getting better in using the tablet and she rang me herself, how cool is that! In social media, I’ve greeted my cousin, who celebrated their 25 years wedding anniversary and they have renewed their vows in the same church where they were married. It was nice to see them, together with their 6 children and they were all lovely in their white dresses and suits. My friend from Iran is now back from her holidays and we agreed to see each other next week. And tomorrow, Him Indoors and I are going out for a Chinese, the one where we used to eat when we first arrived here. We’ll be cycling there tomorrow evening. So that’s my smile this week. Cheers everyone!

P.S. the sky tonight’s so heavenly!


What else? I’m thankful that we have a long-weekend having Monday off as it’s Germany’s reunification day. Him Indoors is out buying food until Monday (shops are closed tomorrow and Monday, so panic buying for everyone!).

Grateful that HRH the son and his beautiful bride have found a flat in their new place where they will have the next phase of their lives. She’s doing her PhD and he’s hoping to find a job, having just finished his Masters. “White rabbits” to them!

Happy that I spoke to my mother and she’s fine and in good spirit. We talked about her 80th birthday celebration for next year, planning for a big party, of course, with all of her children and grandchildren all over the world coming to the Philippines to celebrate with her.

Grateful that school term in the language school starts next week. Looking forward to seeing my new students. I’ve just ordered some new books, too.

That’s it from me. Keep the magic in you! Take care everyone x

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Limerick Challenge Week 34: Future


The cities in the future, will they be clean streets with flying cars and robots?
Are we going to live virtually and unnaturally with no gardens and flowerpots?
From where I’m standing, it’s quite unwelcoming
Surely it’s not too late to start dreaming and acting
They could be averted altogether or lessened by careful planning and forethoughts

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Limerick Challenge Week 34: Future

Blue Jeans by APO Hiking Society


One of my favourite groups, the APO Hiking Society and their song, “Blue Jeans” reminded me of our college days and the struggle we have endured just to earn the much-deserved degree.

(Blue jeans)
Alam mo ba ano ang ibig sabihin ng ating pagsisikap sa ‘skwela
(Blue jeans)
Ba’t ‘di na lang iwanan ang pag-aaral at sama-sama tayong magsaya

Ngunit ang kabataan daw ay kayaman
‘Wag daw basta’t itapon at papabayaan
Kaya magsikap tayo habang may panahon at
Mag-aral at mag-ipon tayo ng karunungan

(Blue jeans)
Sige, sige, sige kayod sa ‘skwela at balang araw makikita n’yo
(Blue jeans)
Pagkatapos ng iyong paghihirap, ‘di ka rin makakahanap ng trabaho

Sino ba silang nagmamarunong sa buhay
Huwag sana silang makialam sa ‘king buhay
Anong kinabukasan pagkatapos sa ‘skwela
Huwag nang isipin at baka mangamba ka pa

Kay tagal-tagal ko nang nag-aaral
Tignan mo, kupas na’ng aking maong, hoo
Kung akala mo ako ay natuto na
Hindi pa rin

O kay tagal-tagal ko nang nag-aaral
Tignan mo, kupas na’ng aking maong, hoo
Kung akala mo ako ay natuto na
Hindi pa rin (‘di pa rin, ‘di pa rin, ‘di pa rin)

( Blue jeans )
Do you know what the meaning of our efforts to school
( Blue jeans )
Why not just leave the study and together we have fun

But they said youth is wealth
Don’t just throw them anyway
So strive as we have time and
Study and let’s invest in wisdom

( Blue jeans )
Go ahead , go ahead , go ahead struggle in school and someday you’ll see
( Blue jeans )
After your suffering , you also cannot find work

Who are they to know all about life
Forbid them to say how I lead my life
What does the future offer after school
Never mind lest you worry

For years I was studying
You see, my faded jeans, hoo
If you think I have learned
Not yet

Or for years I was studying
You see, my faded jeans, hoo
If you think I have learned
Still ( ” still , still , still )

For: Song Lyric Sunday – Paradise by Coldplay by Helen Espinosa and Music Mondays #30 by Kat

F Is For Future – #AtoZChallenge

the world’s our oyster, the future in our hands
with just a wave of my hard to make out wand

it’s how we look at it, be it a challenge or a setback
if I’m not careful, I’ll find myself sitting on a yak

will we accept the challenge, or will we stop at the first fall?
and shot up all the rest with caffeine, happiness, life and all?

life is not always smooth sailing; there’ll be some setbacks
oh my God, do I feel a knife in my back?

we shouldn’t stop at plan A, there should always be a plan B
I have to take things breezy, gladly and calmly

and if they still don’t work, go on until the last letter plan
though I seem to have misplaced my recipe for flan

Let’s not give up just easily; it’s all a test on our determination
I think it is easy; it’s not thermodynamics or nuclear fusion