JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Haunted


don’t walk away
an atonement to play
haunted by the past
the horror aghast
eerie silence
air of grievance
a solemn requiem
our hearts are numb
of people who didn’t make it
when they were split
separation and fate
such a heavy weight
don’t walk away
an atonement to play

For: JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Haunted

6 thoughts on “JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Haunted

  1. This is very touching, Lady. I have read so many obituaries and death notices over the last few weeks from World War 2, and stories of battles, and the Flying Fortresses. It is so much more than just something stuffed into our history books. These people were real. They were someone’s husband, someone’s father, …someone’s son. It is very haunting to think of what many of them suffered and how soon so many forget.

    Have a blessed day.

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