Our Way of Surviving Winter – Friday Fiction


We decided to combine our lists into one Bucket List
Things we want to do and places to visit
We started with Santorini then Sicily came next
Today we’re packed and ready to go
Trip to India for two weeks
Delhi, Jaipur, Agra and Ranthambhore
To see tigers, too
In the warmth
Of India

Friday Fiction – Surviving the Winter


12 thoughts on “Our Way of Surviving Winter – Friday Fiction

  1. Lovely to read about the warmth of india when it’s so cold outside here. I did this ‘ten to one’ challenge too – tricky wasn’t it?! Well done. #Fridayficiton

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  2. I’ve never heard about the 10 to 1 challenge; what’s that? I have to say, I was very jealous of your trip (really want to visit India, especially Mizoram) until I saw it said “fiction”…now I’m just really impressed with your imagination, because it sparked mine! 🙂

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  3. Hi Casey 🙂 10 to 1 challenge is basically 10 line poetry (free form) – the first line has 10 words, 2nd one has 9…10th line has 1. Oh, sorry for the “fiction” part, we really had the trip and just got back. It was a wonderful experience. Cheers!


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