The Housewarming Party – Friday Fiction

This is an attempt at a 7x7x7x7 poem. The idea with this is to go to a book shelf, take the seventh book, turn to page seven and find the seventh sentence – this then becomes the first line of a seven line poem. Here’s mine:


He glanced toward the neighbouring garden
A lot of people there and full of action
A lady was wearing the latest fashion
Invited him to join the fun
And made his day brighten
He started drinking bourbon
And his face turned crimson

Friday Fiction – Jokes for Dads


6 thoughts on “The Housewarming Party – Friday Fiction

  1. I did this challenge too this week – it was fun wasn’t it? I like what you’ve come up with – I’m a fan of almost/part rhymes. Your poem has personality! #fridayfiction

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