Three Cheers! – Write Now!


He didn’t know what stung him in the neck, but he was pretty sure it was not a normal bee.

Ricardo was celebrating one New Year’s Eve in Manila. The whole city was loud with different fireworks, cars and jeepneys honking, pots and pans being banged and spare tyres were left burning in the middle of the road, in short chaos! People couldn’t see because of the smoke. Ricardo was in the middle of their street lighting some fireworks with some friends. They were having fun, greeting the New Year.

That’s when he felt something, he thought he was stung by a bee. Or is it? Actually, a stray bullet passed him by his neck and had he moved an inch, he’d surely be hit big time. So, after the shock, he was very grateful for his new life! Three cheers!

Write Now Prompt for July 7, 2015

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