Writing 101, Day 19: Feature a guest

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! For this task, I thought I’d give you a roundup of great blog posts that I’ve enjoyed this week about Thanksgiving. Here goes:

No Thanksgiving on Jupiter – is a heart-warming and lovely post by Concerning Megan about her fictional adventure in Jupiter with her robot and how she miss her family and Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Fantasy – is Maggiex4’s account of Thanksgiving past and the preparation of the coming Thanksgiving dinner. Quite honest and funny, with matching photos. She even shared her recipe for Cozy Crock Pot Cider.

Obama’s on turkey duty – Emeka’s Blog featured the First Family taking time out to serve up Thanksgiving dinner for homeless veterans in Washington DC.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles – Brad Murphy talked about his favourite Thanksgiving movie and reminded us of what we are doing here, that we should be grateful not just for our family but for everyone in the world.

New trending GIF tagged cute thanksgiving holiday costume… – Oh it’s just so adorable, I love it!

Have a lovely day everyone!

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