#SoCS April 2/16 “be”


To begin with, let me all greet you. Let’s all begin the day all hopeful. Or let’s all be busy – especially some of us are taking part in the a-z challenge and for me, also with NaPoWriMo for the first year. So hoping that the Bard will be my muse and he’d be giving me some advice. Got out of bed all buoyant – the sun is out, weather is warm, birds singing, and Him Indoors buying bread for our breakfast. Bless him. Looking forward to our next bed and breakfast holiday, not long now, next month in the UK, for HRH the son and his beautiful K’s wedding. My mother is just waiting for her visa and she’s flying from the Philippines to see her grandson be wed. My sister and her husband from Canada also began planning and booking their flights. So it’s going to be a cool reception and reunion for family and friends. That’s it from me, have a lovely weekend everyone.

For: #SoCS April 2/16 by Linda G Hill


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