Thursday’s special 🙂

Lost in Translation

This is another weekly photo challenge known as Thursday’s Special. This week Thursday’s Special is bringing you the theme “Illusion”. In my photo of island San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice I played with the gradient filter to blur some parts of the image and to create an illusion of a miniature model Venice.

This is just one of the ways to create an illusion in photography. For this theme you can use forced perspective, fake miniatures, creative bokeh, panning, long exposure, silhouette photography – to name but few of the most commonly used tools. Come to think of it, any type of pictorial photograph should fit the bill.    

Today it is the 30th March, and you have a week to respond (i.e. by Wednesday 5th April). Can’t wait to see your entries. Happy Thursday!

©Paula Borkovic

jupiter najnajnoviji

A few pointers about participating in the challenge: 

  • Make a photo post post…

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