Mildly Adaptive

I guess I’m mildly adaptive in my creativity style. I know this preference plays an important role in my creativity, problem-solving and decision-making. Coming from a country where consensus is important and collectivism is a norm, I am not surprise at this outcome. I know that I easily adapt to any situation, but will challenge or adjust the rules if a problem cannot be solved. I prefer to have fences but will use the gate as needed. I accept change that improves existing programmes, policies, and processes, etc. I live in a country where rules are important and if they work, why change them? I also tend to be a good team-player, sharing my creativity or talent for the benefit of the group.

One advantage of being mildly adaptive is it uses structure/rules to keep projects and programmes on track to accomplish the mission. I am a member of PUNLA, which is a group of Munich-based Filipinos working for cultural dialogue. This means organising lectures, discussions, exhibits and similar activities which would offer our public the opportunity for encounter, dialogue and information exchange. One of the first projects was putting together the exhibit “Lieder der Freiheit/Mga Awit ng Kalayaan” which showed the Filipino peoples’ struggle for freedom. I shared my creativity by doing some of the posters, sharing my ideas and concepts to accomplish our task. It was a success. Critical acclaim for the exhibit and not the least, the satisfaction of rendering service to our homeland was encouraging.

Another advantage of having a mild adaptive preference is it tries to embrace or engage all members and wants consensus. There are only 6 members of PUNLA and it’s very democratic, we are all leaders, or we take turns to be a leader for each project. We usually start by brainstorming some of the ideas, getting their pros and cons, selecting which one will work best at a certain period of time. We all share our ideas and we try to build harmony and consensus in the group. One of our projects was a panel discussion for the 50 Years of Filipino-German Diplomatic Ties. Former President Fidel V. Ramos delivered the keynote address before representatives of the business community, political parties, the academe, the church and the Filipino community. Filipino-German relations were examined by panelists Randy David, Caesar Saloma, Mark Thompson and Franz Neueder from the vantage points of sociology, politics, history, economics, and science & technology. An open forum conducted in English and German followed the presentations. That was successful, too.

One disadvantage of being mildly adaptive is it may come across as meek, reserved, or overly cautious. In a meeting or any discussion, I seldom interrupt them and probably give just few suggestions. I’m probably shy and introvert. I remembered when I was young, I was usually in a corner reading books while my siblings were singing or dancing or messing around. I always seem to be the serious and the quiet one.

Another disadvantage is being uncomfortable with uncertainty. I like to know what is happening or will happen if I do things. I like making plans, like a holiday plan, where will it be, what will we do, where will we go, etc. But then, sometimes they don’t happen the way we plan them to be and I get disappointed or frustrated.

What insights have I gained about myself from this exercise and these reflections? It made me aware of my creativity style and probably answered some of my questions as to whys and hows of things. It plays an important role in my creativity, problem-solving and decision-making, and at the same time, my dealing with people and outlook in life. I know there are no rights and wrongs and each of us has its own style. Each style possesses its own strengths and weaknesses. In a group, it’s nice to utilise the styles and strengths of each one and to consider the likely group dynamics that would result from mixes of people with different creative styles. I know what I can contribute to the group, such as I can supply stability, order and continuity and probably can maintain group cohesion and cooperation.

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