I’m Goldilocks with Choices, Choices!!!

This post is for Daily Prompt
(Write about a time you had a Goldilocks experience, exploring different choices and finally arriving at “just right.”)
and Word Snap Weekly (Choices, Choices)


Choices, choices, lots of choices
Going to the market is always fun
Fun to pick the fruit and vegetable I want
Will I go for mangoes or water melons?
Will there be aubergines or okras?
Will I choose the ones in season?
Or the ones I think are exotic?
What are exotic in the first place?
How about meat – chicken or pork?
Fish – big or small, salted or smoked?
And the seafood – prawns or octopus?
Choices, choices, lots of choices
How much will I pay for them?
Will they be expensive or cheap?
I know a bargain when I see one
I’m used to bartering from an early age
I always ask them to lower the price
Or give me some sort of a discount
When I buy one or two from their stall
It all has to do with negotiation skill
Now I’ve got what I came here for
I’m going home and start cooking

Hello, Goldilocks!


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