Life in a Box Picture it & Write

Francesco Tolentino
Francesco Tolentino

Life in a box, or why we let ourselves be inside a box
Why can’t we be like Jack who climbed up the beanstalk?

A box where we cannot get out, where we are destined to be
Be it gloomy, ghastly or phooey not at all funny and jazzy

Why, I cannot say, because it’s just what it is for some people
They tried to coax themselves that it’s whimsical and liveable

They’d rather stay inside than venture out of this world
But due to housing needs some rolls will also be unfurled

Doing their prescribed role and duty, day in and day out
Until the time that there are some lights-out and knockout

Was it because of convenience or easier that way?
Or will they wait for the coming of doomsday?

I’d rather venture out and see the world differently
At least I’ve tried and did it freely and with glee


2 thoughts on “Life in a Box Picture it & Write

  1. You can’t stay forever boxed up. You have to get out there and see all the amazing things both the earth and people have to offer. Lovely piece, Lady Lee Manila (or Lady Leemanila). 🙂

    – Ermisenda

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