Photo prompt round up – Splash #writephoto

splash round-up 🙂

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Disturbed reflections
Exploding reality
The mirror shatters


The photo for this week’s prompt was taken beside one of the streams on the moors above Ilkley, where…bah’t ‘at… three adults played like children, damming the stream one solstice afternoon. It is a place very dear to my heart and wandering those moors is close to heaven.


Thank you so much to everyone who took part this week.  All the posts are listed below, so please click on the links below to read them and leave a comment for the author! Thank you too, to everyone who reblogged the prompt, round up and the individual resposes!

A new prompt will be published later today. I will reblog as many contributions as space and time allows, as they come in… and all of them will be featured in the round-up on Thursday.

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